10 Best Badminton Sets for the Money


10 Best Badminton Sets for the Money – Update 2018

There is something really interesting when it comes to racket games. A good hand to eye coordination, speed, agility and of course an efficient racket in hand. Rest of the requirements are all about practicing, but selecting a best badminton set for the money, is a hard nut to crack.

Professional grade badminton sets are necessary for tournament gameplay, and each of them has their own sponsors or brands. But for those who’re recreational players, find it quite hard to find a right set of badminton. And that’s why we’ve come with this article.

As a sports geek, I’ve seen many hobbyist sportsmen to be dilemma about which badminton should they get. And throughout the entire post, we will be dealing with the problem. Go through the hands-on reviews of best badminton set for the money and see which one checks the boxes of your priorities.

Are you tired of searching for the best badminton shuttlecock in the market? Well, then your search will come to an end. As of today, here you will find what you were looking for.

Playing badminton is not always a professional thing to do. A lot of people play badminton seasonally in different countries and most of them play it just for fun.

However, you either play professionally or for fun, in both cases, you need a good set of shuttlecocks to make your game more exciting. Also, a high-quality shuttlecock will help you to play for longer.

As you know, the main component of badminton is the racket and the shuttlecock. Without a good quality of either of these equipment, you cannot enjoy a good game.

So, today in this article you will find out about some of the best badminton shuttlecocks that can improve your playing experience.

Moreover, I have added a guide on how you can choose the best one easily. This can help you to find the shuttlecock you are looking for.

So without wasting any more time lets jump right to the reviews.

Comparison on 10 Best Badminton Sets in 2018

Product Image

Product Name

Includs Item



Zume Games Portable Badminton Set

4 Rackets,2 Shuttlecocks,1 Net & 1 Bag

5 pounds

Premium Quality Set of BADMINTON RACKETS

2 Rackets, 5 Shuttlecocks & 1 Bag

1 pounds

Franklin Sports Classic Badminton Set

4 Rackets,3 Shuttlecocks,1 Net,1 Bag & Pvc Stand


Franklin Sports Recreational Badminton and Volleyball Combo Set

4 Rackets,2 Shuttlecocks,1 Volleyball,Pvc stand

3.7 pounds

Senston - 2 Player Badminton Racquets Set

2 Rackets,2 Grips,2 Shuttlecocks & bag

3.04 ounces

RiteTrak Sports FiberFlash 7 Badminton Racket Set

2 Rackets,3 Shuttlecocks & 1 Bag

1.5 pounds

Baden Champions Badminton Set

4 Rackets,3 Shuttlecocks & Net

14.5 pounds

2013 Yonex Racket Combo Set

2 Rackets,2 Cocks & 1 Bag

1.3 pounds


2 Rackets,2 Cocks & 1 Bag

1.19 pounds

EastPoint Sports 2-Player Badminton Racket Set

2 Rackets,2 Cocks & 1 Bag

0.5 pounds

10 Best Badminton Sets Reviews in 2018

Zume Games Portable Badminton Set

When it comes to badminton sets, there is a dilemma that almost everyone faces. The fact is, it’s maybe the backyard that you want a permanent badminton set or a portable one that you can carry along to camping or beachside chilling. So far, both of the sets had been different in terms of size, quality, and price.

Here at #1, we’ve got something that pushes the boundary and combined both purposes into one. Presenting the Zume Games Portable Badminton Set, a portable set of four-rackets badminton set that is made for both home premises and outdoor usage.

Go through some more features of this set and you’ll be impressed as much as we are.

You know what is the best thing about a portable badminton set like this from Zume Games? Yes, it’s the setup. It’s made to be almost like a plug-n-play device.

You will need almost no time to pick it out of the box and set up on free stands. You will not need any base or tools to get done with the whole process.

Moving forward, you will notice that there are four set of badminton rackets (2 red and 2 green). Which means four players can get into the game at a time. With two shuttlecocks provided, you can continue at least a dozen of matches right away.

To make sure you don’t have any hustle in carrying the case away, it has got a perfect carrying box where all of its parts fit right in.

We’re highly pleased with the set of rich features that Zume provides at such a cheap price.


  • An instant setup with no poles or stakes needed.
  • 4 badminton rackets for 4 players.
  • Two shuttlecocks.
  • A compact and all-in-one carrying case.
  • Easy to assemble or disassemble.
  • Best for both home and outdoor purposes.
  • Best used for kids over 6 years of old.
  • Easy to carry it around.


  • If two more shuttlecocks would have been added, that would be more appreciated.
Premium Quality Set of BADMINTON RACKETS

At #2, we wanted badly to put something that is a right fit for both amateurs and professionals. And luckily, we’ve got Premium Quality Set of BADMINTON RACKETS by Trained. Thanks to the brand ‘Trained’ and here we’re entering into the discussion of its features below-

The package includes two rackets, one box of shuttlecocks and a carrying bag. The set seems to be perfect for a badminton game between two people. And people who’re looking for the best solution for couple badminton duals, this is the right set in the market.

Let’s talk about the components one by one-

The copies of rackets that the set comes with, is light in weight and sturdy in structure. Also, we’ve found the rackets to be very slim in the shaft and the grip is quite sturdy. NO matter how much sweaty or wet your palms become, the rackets aren’t supposed to slip away.

Also, if we talk about the aerodynamics of the rackets, that plays an important role in the game of badminton. This set of rackets here are made to ensure a high-speed performance with improved aerodynamics.

Moving forward, the set contains a LED light at the back of the cork and that helps a lot when you are playing at night. You can turn on the LED when it’s night and turn that off as it’s night.

Overall, there may not be a playing opportunity for more than two players, but if you’re okay with that, rest of the story is about a perfect gameplay. Badminton will be more exciting than ever as you get the Premium Quality Set of BADMINTON RACKETS by Trained in hands.


  • Two rackets of lightweight and compact aerodynamics.
  • Handles are with a sturdy grip.
  • Nylon made cork for better durability.
  • LED light provided at the bottom of the cork.
  • 5 corks provided in the box.
  • Better performance for both amateurs or professionals.
  • A perfect set for dual game play of badminton.


  • No net or poles provided.
Franklin Sports Classic Badminton Set

Often hang out n the backyard on the beach nearby? Then we’ve got the right kit to make it even enjoyable. Franklin Sports Classic Badminton Set is one of the best badminton set on the market and stands right at our #3.

Lets break down the box and tell you what’s inside. Firstly, it has a 20’x2’x1.5” net that withstands all types of weathers. The meshing is uniform and elastic and won’t get torn even at the hardest hit during the game.

Moving forward, the poles that have proportions as an octagon of 1.75” diameter and made of PVC. The height is 91” and for biter and accurate sport, it has got a scoring system.

Now the main parts of the set- the rackets. There are 4 rackets made of graphite hardware and a padded grip on the handle. With such a high quality built, it would be light and Create impactful hits on the cork.

There are 3 pro level corks to play with and each of them is made to last at least 10-20 games of full form.

The entire set is made in a way that you can set it right away and no mounting or pre-assembly is not required. To carry it around while you’re travelling, this set comes with a decent carrying bag as well.

Lastly, there are four different models to choose from based on the level of game-play. For non-professional recreational badminton, we’ve picked up the “Classic” ones for now. But you have a liberty to choose any of the four.


  • A perfect set for pastime or backward sports
  • The net is able to withstand all weathers.
  • 4 sturdy and lightweight graphite rackets.
  • PVC made octagon poles.
  • 3 Nylon made corks.
  • The set is pre-assembled.
  • Quick and easy to setup and play.
  • Storing bag provided.
  • Four different models to choose from.


  • Comparatively expensive
Franklin Sports Recreational Badminton and Volleyball Combo

Well, now this is time for something interesting. In this point of the review, we’ve got something that will let you play both badminton and volleyball with it. Yeah, you heard it right. Presenting the mighty Franklin Sports Recreational Badminton and Volleyball Combo Set!

The best thing that we found about this set is, it’s a ready-to-play collection of equipment. It contains has 4 rackets, two shuttlecocks, 4 set of guy ropes and 4 tape constructions. As we have seen, most of the products contain only the racket and cork, or the full part for fixed-place used.

Individually, all of the parts of the set are pretty good. But I would particularly appreciate the net. It’s a 20’x1.5’x1.5’ net that has a firm and meshed struck withstand impacts of both badminton and volleyball.

The rackets are made to be strong and impactful with the tight strings and steel frame. They call it the Hay-Sheep strings and that’s something that every amateur badminton lovers would love to play with.

To setup and stand it on the ground, there are a number of accessories provided with the set. As an example, you will have 4 set of guy ropes, tension clips and a 4-sided tape construction. Altogether, it has everything you need to setup it with strength.


  • Made for both the games of badminton and volleyball.
  • All weather net with strong meshing.
  • Octagonal PVC stand.
  • A long as customizable net height.
  • 4 Guy ropes with tension clips.
  • A volleyball of official size is provided with the box.
  • The inflating pump provided.
  • A handful of setup and other accessories.


  • Not much carriable for instant sports.
Senston - 2 Player Badminton Racquets Set

I have heard quite some times that the badminton sets those include rackets are not so much quality products. Particularly the string in terms of material quality. That’s kind of true, and that’s the reason why we were in search of the best badminton set that has actual strong rackets in it. Finally, we’ve found Senston – 2 Player Badminton Racquets Set and that is our #5 pick.

Firstly, let me describe you what’s inside the package. In the package, you will find a couple of rackets, 2 grips for the rackets, two shuttlecocks and a carrying bag for the rackets. The package doesn’t include any net or net stand. But if you already have one at home, that might not be a problem.

We highly appreciate the way Senston had made the strings of this racket. To withstand professional grade badminton, strings are the best part that faces the impacts. And as long as you have the 18-20lbs stringing in hands, you don’t have to worry about its impact.

The shaft of the racket is made of graphite. With the slim shaft and frame, you will feel a better aerodynamics with every strike you make with this. With the same frame and shaft, you can choose from six different models.

The sweet spot is the place where you can have a greater impact force on the cork while hitting. And this racquet here is comparatively larger size and has larger sweet spot. So, enjoying the game to the fullest would be easier than ever.

So, what type of people can actually use it? Well, there is no particular answer to that question, but we think it’s a tool for 10+ years to the elder. If you’re a beginner with badminton, or doing it for casual entertainment, Senston – 2 Player Badminton Racquets Set would be an ideal pick for you.

Lastly, if you worry about the brand, because they have quite a reputation of good after sale service.


  • About 20lbs stringing in the rackets.
  • The racket is designed to be one piece of the body.
  • Larger hitting area.
  • Larger sweet spot with more impact force.
  • Graphite made badminton racket.
  • Light in weight and durable.
  • Premium grade badminton cover with shoulder strap.
  • Six different colours to choose from.
  • Fit for both amateur to professional.


  • No net or cork included.
RiteTrak Sports FiberFlash 7 Badminton Racket Set

If you had been up to badminton for quite some time, you might know the difference between one piece racket and the T-joints ones. The T-joints are likely to break or bend after a couple of months of regular use.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case with the one-piece rackets. And at this position of the review, we’ve got the best badminton set that such a set of rackets in the box.

Presenting RiteTrak Sports FiberFlash 7 Badminton Racket Set from the grandfromRiteTrak Sports and we are going to break down the fearers right away-

This is a full set of two pre-strung rackets, 3 nylon shuttlecocks, and a string and beautiful carrying bag. To carry the shuttlecocks safe, there is a string and sturdy tube provided.

I would like to bring your attention to one simple but essential feature of the cork only. If you look at the colour of the nylon, you might see that, it’s made of yellow colour. The benefit of yellow is, you can see that even in low lights. So, unlike the white shuttlecocks, it won’t hinder your sports even when the light is low.

Among all the features, we loved the structure of the body of the racket itself. It has a one-piece body with no joints. No joints mean the least fear of breaking or bending. So, if you are up to regular badminton, this can be the right set of kits for the sports.

Also, there are two variations of colours that you can choose from.


  • One-piece solid racket structure.
  • The rackets are pre-strung strongly.
  • The shaft is made of carbon fiber.
  • 3 nylon shuttlecocks.
  • Carrying box for both racket and corks.
  • Two different colours to choose from


  • No additional gripper provided for the handle.
Baden Champions Badminton Set

After a number of the mini set of badminton, we’ve got a complete set of badminton that includes everything from this time it is from the brand Baden and named as RiteTrak Sports FiberFlash 7 Badminton Racket Set.

First of all, let me tell you what’s inside the box. In this set, you will have 4 professional badminton rackets, 3 nylon made shuttlecocks, 1 tournament grade net and a set of net accessories.

AS it’s a complete set of badminton for four persons, there should be a question in your mind that ‘How long it would take to set up these all?’. Well, here is the good news about this RiteTrak Sports FiberFlash 7 Badminton Racket Set. It is made in such a way that it would take just about two minutes to get done with the entire setup process.

To hold up the net upright, the brand has included a set of heavy duty poles that will hold the net in a fixed position. And ultimately this is so important for a game.

As you will not have any external light source in outdoor, you may get in a shortage of light. So, to deal with the feather and the position of the net would be a great problem. But thanks to the brand Baden. They have made this racket and the net with a colour that is visible in the even low light.

Another good thing about this set is, it comes with a safe and compact weather resistant carrying bag. So, carrying your favourite badminton kit won’t be a problem on any trip.


  • Includes a regular sized badminton net.
  • 3 Nylon shuttlecocks.
  • Easy-to-carry case for the set.
  • Powder coated aluminium made poles.
  • Highly visible colours.
  • Easy to carry and setup.
  • A perfect for 2-4 people of gaming.


  • Not a tournament grade equipment
Yonex Racket Combo Set

Yonex is a prominent brand name when it comes to amateur grade badminton. The manufacturer themselves has launched one of their most popular set named 2013 Yonex Racket Combo Set and this had made its position in the list because of some amazing features.

The set includes a couple of rackets and two shuttlecocks along with a carrying case. This is quite made for recreational badminton for duos. If you are not a professional player, this set of rackets are made for those who are looking it for the amateur level game.

With simplicity and awesome racket quality, 2013 Yonex Racket Combo Set would be the right pick for people from amateur level from recreational badminton.


  • Two strong and sturdy rackets.
  • Two nylon made corks for stable and impactful strikes.
  • Carrying bag for rackets and tube for corks.
  • A good buy for the money.


  • White corks may not be perfect for low light.

Again, we have got a set from Yonex, a badminton set for badminton duos on backyard or as a regular recreation. This set of badminton rackets and corks are made to be used by a wide range of users. Users from 8 years to above, are the targeted users of this COMBO SET YONEX Badminton.

The best part of the racket is the steel body racket frame. Because of steel made construction, the weight might be a little more, but it comes with a promise of years of lifetime. Also, the shaft is another point of appreciation because of its steel assembly.

In the Yonex true protector, you will have two nylon made corks. And can carry the entire set, it comes with a carrying bag with shoulder straps.

As the bottom line, this badminton set is one of the finest creations of badminton set from the brand Yonex. Lastly, the price-quality radio seems to be so low that it even fits within lowest of budgets.


  • A couple of strongly made rackets.
  • Nylon made corks with tube cover.
  • Steel made racket for the durable lifetime.
  • Protective bag to carry the set.
  • Shoulder straps with the carrying bags.
  • cheap price.


  • A bit heavier than other rackets of such kind.
EastPoint Sports 2-Player Badminton Racket Set

At #10 on our list, we have got one of the cheapest picks of the list of badminton sets around today’s market. The fact is with cheaper price, the quality of the rackets seems to go down wise. But this is one of those few models that we found as an exception.

The dimension of the racket is 26 inches, which made it a racket set for adults. Keeping that in mind, the structure and meshing of the net are made to be strong and impactful.

The shaft of the rackets is sustainable in all weathers and they are tampered to be a durable racket.

With the handle, there comes a soft grip that let you go easy with even hardest of impacts. And if we talk about the corks, they also have a red bottom which is easy to track even on daylights.

The package comes with a couple of rackets, a couple of corks and a carrying bag.


  • 26” long as and wide rackets.
  • Weatherproof construction.
  • Shaft of rackets are steel made.
  • Soft and soothing grip.
  • More visible corks in even low lights.  
  • A carrying bag included with the pack.


  • The carrying bag isn’t protective enough.

Buying Guide for Best Badminton Set

As you have seen, there are variations of items in most of the badminton sets in the list. To come over with the model that you need, you need to figure out that what exactly you want to have in it.

Here is the list of most common items in the best badminton set. Pick up the items you need and find a right model that has it all-


This is the main item of a badminton set. In various sets, there are either two or four rackets included. Based on the number of users, the number of required rackets may vary.

To judge the quality of a racket, you need to observe the structure carefully. Some of them are made of one piece of body and some others might have several joints. Some may have a usual sweet spot, some may have larger sweet spots. Also, some rackets will come with usual handle and grip, where some other will have smoother and softer grips. Even I have seen some rackets to provide multiple grips for the user.

Based on each of the feature, the price will vary a lot. We want you to figure out the expected features in the racket and chose that from the list.

The Shuttlecock

Shuttlecocks are another common item in most of the badminton sets. Although, they are quite inexpensive, and you can buy better ones from the market if you want. But as long as you are getting some with the badminton set, it’s better to ensure the maximum quality.

Usually, these shuttlecocks are made of nylon. While the built is almost the same of all models, the colours may vary. As an example, a white shuttlecock will be good for outdoor sports, while a brighter one will be good for playing in low light.

Some shuttlecocks have advanced features such as LED light at the bottom. That helps to see them even in complete darkness.

Net, Ropes, and Poles

Now, this is the item or items that may not be with every popular badminton set you will see on the market. Usually, a complete badminton set will have its own net and the items to set the net up on any surface. In case you like to have one, make sure you have a net with strong meshing and built quality.

To setup the net, you will be in need of ropes and poles and stakes. While the rope and pole help to set the net up on the ground, the stakes help to ensure a stable position of the net.

In the game of basketball, the stability of the net is important and that’s why you need to have strong and sturdy stakes. Also, some of the nets, that are meant to be used as both badminton and volleyball net, need strong her net setup.

The Case

Finally, the last item that you need is the bag or case that will carry all the items of your badminton set. While models that come with rackets, shuttlecocks, net, ropes, and stakes, provide a larger carrying case. Such carrying cases are weatherproof and take a good amount of space.

Badminton set models that don’t come up with anything else except rackets and shuttlecocks, usually provides a cover bag for the rackets only. Those are for users who don’t have to cut a new court on the ground

Final Verdict

That was the list of best badminton set for the money of the market of 2018. No matter how selective you are, we have got everything in the box for you. And when it comes to durability, each and every one of the list comes with a long-term quality insurance. Also, there are some other buying factors like the impishness, the net quality, the portability and some more that help you to pick up the right set.

Get along with the list and find the best fit within your requirements.

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