5 Best Badminton Shoes – Expert’s Selections


5 Best Badminton Shoes in 2018 – Expert’s Selections!

Are you looking for the best badminton shoes? Well, you have come to the right place!

Badminton, as I take it, is an enthusiastic and exciting sport. But it does require some gear to get an advantage over your opponent.

So, what are the typical gears for an intense session of badminton?

Well, the answer is probably too easy. In fact, you will obviously get away with a decent badminton racket and a robust collection of shuttlecocks.

But, what if you are in a professional match with your dignity hanging in the balance?

Here’s the deal:

Whenever you are competing for your pride, it is probably best to get a decent pair of shoes which can withstand any sort of maneuvers. As a matter of fact, there are certain brands out there who will offer a range of options.

But are these options worth your time?

As it turns out, they are! In fact, we have come up with some of the best options currently available in the market.

We have made this effort to make your job of decision making a tad bit easier. Moreover, the range of products we will be showcasing should be good enough for your needs.

So, let’s jump right in.  

Comparison on 5 Best Badminton Shoes in 2018

Reviews of 5 Best Badminton Shoes in 2018

1. Adidas Men’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoe

Our first contender in this badminton shoe review is the Adidas Men’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoe. Brands like Adidas have obviously made the extra effort to put something on the table for the badminton players out there.

But is it enough? Well, you should probably stick with us to find out.

First of all, the overall design statement is pretty well executed. Apart from the excellent choice of fabric, the breathable mesh design is certainly commendable. Also, the shoes are relatively lightweight. So, maneuver execution is satisfactory.

Another feature to talk about here is the Torsion System. The manufacturers claim that the shoes can withstand heavy usage. On the whole, the performance does agree with the claims of the manufacturers. The shoes are clearly made to withstand an intense session of badminton.

Then you have the commendable sole design. While playing with the shoes on, you will obviously feel the extra grip. The strong grips allow you to hold your ground accurately. Also, the Adiprene offers some extra cushioning, which is nice.  

Finally, the last feature that caught our eye was the ability to remove the inner sole. Although this is probably a must-have feature in most badminton shoes anyway, it is clearly a nice little addition.

All in all, we love the overall execution of the design. The ease of use, comfort level, and maneuverability does make it a daunting option. You should probably check them out for a better look.


  • Lightweight design stature for maximum usability.
  • A well-suited design for long badminton sessions.
  • Maneuverability is satisfactory.
  • Torsion system allows for more performance headroom.
  • Sole design offers a good amount of grip.
  • The shoes offer ample amount of cushioning, offering a good amount of comfort.


  • The lacing mechanism is a bit of a hassle.
  • The shoes are a bit tighter than traditional Adidas products.

Yonex SHB 34 35 EX 2017 NEW Indoor Court Shoes offer a great amount of flexibility when it comes to badminton.

Here’s why:

The brand itself certainly has a good amount of reliability when it comes to badminton-related supplies. Also, in case of footwear, they have a certain amount of trust among the buyers as well.

But, we will soon find out how trustworthy is the SHB 34 35 EX.

There are a lot of features that we like about this product. But first, we would like to talk about the design. As always, Yonex has come up with a pretty unique design for the SHB 34 35 EX. The upper PU leather polyester mesh housing allows a lot of breathing room.

Also, you have the ToughBrid Light Power Cushion and a solid EVA midsole offering a nice amount of cushioning for your feet. But the rubber sole design is something that most users won’t really appreciate.

Then there is the impact absorption and grip. In both of these fields, the SHB 34 35 EX stands out as a winner. Despite the fact that the product has a rubber sole, the overall grip is satisfactory. Also, the impact absorption capabilities are certainly worth it.

Finally, we would like to finish off by saying that the product does shine in impact compensation. As a matter of fact, this key feature allows the user to move more freely around the court. Moreover, combine it with other features like comfort and design, then you are getting a complete package.


  • Design execution is simple and effective.
  • Shoes are lightweight and offer a good amount of maneuverability.
  • Impact absorption is a strong point for this product.
  • The shoes offer a good amount of cushioning. 
  • The mesh design offers a nice amount of breathing room, offering comfort for longer sessions.


  • The rubber sole may feel cheap for some users.

If you are looking for cheap badminton shoes, then you should probably consider the Copter Men’s Sneakers Indoor Cross Trainer Shoes. Apart from the very competitive price tag, the shoes have some really amazing features to offer.

First of all, these badminton shoes don’t have that over-the-top design. In fact, they have done a great job at keeping it simple. The design doesn’t scream at your face, which is something we appreciate.

Then you have the pleather material which makes the shoes appreciable. This allows the user to enjoy short badminton or tennis session. Unfortunately, these shoes won’t really last long when it comes to heavy usage. So, be mindful of that.

Another feature to highlight here is the grip. Apparently, the rubber soles offer a nice amount of grip overall. The rubber sole is nothing fancy, but it will get the job done.

Finally, the most important feature of this product is probably the pricing. These shoes are by far one of the most competitively priced products in the market right now. All in all, the pricing is what makes it a lot desirable than other reputable brands.

In conclusion, the Copter Men’s Sneakers offer a great balance between performance and pricing. Do check out the product if you are interested.


  • The overall design is satisfactory.
  • Offers a decent amount of grip.
  • The comfort levels are decent.
  • A well-suited option for light badminton sessions.
  • Price is competitive.


  • The rubber may feel a bit cheap to some users.
  •  The tight-fit shoes may be uncomfortable for some users.

Our 4th contender for the best badminton shoes review is the Adidas Men’s Adizero Defiant Bounce. As we are all aware of the reputation of Adidas, but the question remains,

Is the Adizero Defiant Bounce Worth it?

In short, the answer is yes. The overall features are intriguing. In fact, once you get to know the features, you will surely have second thoughts!

First of all, the design overall is extremely lightweight. The mesh design allows for maximum comfort and airflow. Moreover, the material allows you to engage in intense tennis or badminton sessions, offering maximum comfort and durability.

Next, you have the Bounce technology. The proprietary technology offers maximum comfort even for longer sessions.

Finally, the herringbone tread pattern on the outer sole offers much better grip than other competitors. Also, the bootee construction allows for a much easier fit. Therefore, the design is well-suited for the enthusiastic players out there.

All in all, the design offers a great amount of flexibility when it comes to badminton shoes. If you are interested in the overall features it has to offer, then head over here to have a better look at it.  


  • The shoes have a distinct bootee design for a better fit.
  • The shoes are durable for long sessions.
  • Breathable design allows a good amount of comfort.
  • Bounce technology allows a decent amount of maneuverability.
  • Outer sole design offers a good amount of grip for added functionality.


  • The size may be a bit too small for some users.

Our 5th and final contender in this review for the best badminton shoes is the Yonex SHB 47 EX. As always, the Yonex brand has a lot to offer to the professionals out there.

So, what’s the deal with this product?

First of all, the design seems Ok. The reason for our skepticism is the breathability. The manufacturers should probably have gone with a more breathable design.

But it’s Yonex. Their proprietary designs have made folks happy in the past. And this design is no different. In fact, it is a perfect mix of flexibility and durability. So, you should probably be happy with what you are getting.

Next, we have the overall comfort. In case of comfort, the SHB 47 EX doesn’t disappoint. As a matter of fact, the impact compensation technology allows the wearer to feel at ease, even in longer sessions. It allows the users to maneuver easily and make transitions.

Finally, the user will enjoy a decent fit without much of a hassle. It is something to look out for, as most shoes out there are either too small or too large.

All in all, the product is a good enough choice if you are not willing to spend a too much on a pair of professional badminton shoes. These shoes will get you started without any issues. Go to this link if you want to learn more.


  • The lightweight design offers a good amount of flexibility.
  • There is a decent amount of traction which offers good maneuverability.
  • The pair is durable enough for indoor sessions.
  • Easy transition offers good usability.
  • The fitting is proper in most cases.


  • The sole does feel a bit cheap for the money.

How to get your hands on the best pair of badminton shoes: A beginner’s approach

I think it is safe to assume that buying the best pair of shoes for your badminton sessions isn’t always easy!

In most cases, people don’t really know how to choose. As a result, they end up with the wrong product, which only makes things worse.

So, how would you make the decision?

Lucky for you, we have come up with some key points to help you along the way. Mind you, these tips that we are about to pass on will only be effective if you understand them. So, our advice would be to make the most out of these tips.

Here are the tips that will help you choose the right pair of badminton shoes.

Get to know your preferences

It is the first crucial point which you should take into account. By knowing what you want, you may get away by paying less and get the best possible results.

By preferences, we mean comfort levels. Each individual has a different set of comfort level. For instance, you may prefer something extremely lightweight, but someone else may prefer something with a bit of weight.

In conclusion, get to know what you are comfortable with. Know your disadvantages. This way, making decisions will become a lot easier.

How much weight?

Another important factor is the weight of your badminton shoes. Badminton shoes can impact your game dramatically.

Now if you prefer heavier shoes, you may occasionally feel fatigued after a short time. Also, heavy shoes are not ideal for agile maneuvers. Sometimes, they may lose you a couple of points.

But with lightweight shoes, your maneuverability isn’t limited. Getting some smashes on your opponent’s court becomes a lot easier.

Your typical shoe weight should be around 400-grams. But, as we mentioned earlier, it depends on what you want.

Ankle support and ventilation

Ankle support will allow you to move a lot more freely on the court. As there is no room for personal preference, in this case, make sure that you find a pair that gives your ankles ample room to move. In this way, you will be able to be a lot agiler and focus on the game.

Another thing to remember is the ventilation. Badminton is an extremely competitive and rigorous sport. So, it is only natural that your feet will sweat.

So, what sort of action should you focus on?

A pair with proper ventilation will not only give your feet room to breath but also help you avoid ‘Athlete’s Foot’, which is a condition when your feet are attacked by germs and bacteria, causing odor and other problems.

So, be mindful to have a pair with enough room to breathe.

Sole type and thickness

For badminton players, a pair of shoes with thin soles is recommended. Because of the need for agile movements, the center of gravity has to be low. And shoes with thin soles can make it happen.

Sole type is important, as it will help you with the friction and movement. If you play on PU or wood courts, we would recommend that you get Gum rubber soles, which will help you to get that extra grip.

But if you are playing on a cement surface, then a rubber sole should be enough for you.

Cushioning and moisture control

Cushioning acts as a suspension system for your legs. Badminton shoes are designed to absorb the vigorous impacts and protect your legs from harm. Also, they help your knees to be a bit relaxed in an ongoing session of badminton.

So, we would advise you to buy a pair that has better support for cushioning.

The cushioning works better with ergonomic pairs. It means that you should get a pair of ergonomic design, which will provide comfort and cushioning at the same time. This way, your toes, ankles, and knees won’t be fatigued too much.

Finally, the moisture control factor is essential when it comes to badminton shoes. Mesh designs offer better moisture control allowing the player to be comfortable at all times.

Final Verdict:

I am sure you will agree with me on what I have to say:

Finding the best badminton shoe is not only a difficult task, it is also a sacred ritual for many!

Then why go through all the trouble and make such a review for badminton shoes?

The reason for it is simple. Our goal here is to find the most suitable options for all types and ages. We have some cheap badminton shoes on our list of products. Also, there are some premium options as well. All in all, we have combined a complete set of choice for all level of users.

In the end, it is very difficult for us to pick a winner. But if we had to, we would go with the first option. After all, there is a reason it’s in the top spot!

We wish all our readers good luck. We hope you find what is right for you.

Happy hunting!

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