Best Pickleball Balls | Indoor & Outdoor Ball Reviews

Best Pickleball Balls For 2018 | Indoor & Outdoor Ball Reviews

Looking for pickleball balls? If you are not sure which one to choose, Don’t worry we got you covered. Whether you need indoor or outdoor balls we have reviewed the top pickleball balls for each scenario.

From our list of best pickleball balls, you can find the best ones that pro’s use in their game. All of them are USPA approved and provides the best possible gameplay experience.

​Pickleball is a great alternative of tennis that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Play with your family, engage in a friendly competition or simply wish to have fun while doing a little exercise, pickleball is the perfect sport.

To make this game even more exciting and competitive you should have the best pickleball gears at your disposal. This includes paddles, balls, shoes, and bags. In this article, we’re going to show you some of the best indoor & outdoor pickleball reviews.

​Before we get into the reviews, we would like to tell you a little bit about different types of pickleball balls. Pickleball balls, in general, are hollow, plastic balls with holes in them.

Comparison on 10 Best Pickleball Balls in 2018

Pickleball Balls Indoor vs Outdoor​

This game is played both indoors and outdoors. For that reason, the balls are categorized as indoors and outdoors. Playing with a wrong ball in a wrong environment can lead to some unexpected gameplay. Therefore, it’s important to know about their types.

Outdoor Pickleball Balls​

These types of balls are heavier, harder and the holes are smaller. They also travel faster than indoor balls. They have thick wall construction that increases their durability but slightly difficult to control due to their fast pace nature. Also, the bounciness of these balls is slightly lower than indoor balls. Their small holes are to keep them in control and reduce the wind effects and other weather conditions.

Indoor Pickleball Balls

Indoor balls are the opposite of outdoor balls. They have large holes, they are softer and lighter compared to outdoor pickleball balls. They come off the bat much softer than outdoor ball does. Makes it easier to control and often end up having a long rally. However, returning an easy volley with proper force isn’t easy with these balls.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Pickleball Balls​

There are three main features that you should look for in a pickleball ball.


You are spending money on a ball that obviously should last long. All the balls on our list have very good durability. The fact that they made it on our list is a proof that these are durable enough to last a long time. Durability is important when you are looking for the best pickleball ball. Lack of durability also lacks in the consistency of that ball.


Playing with a new ball is always fun. They have good bounciness, perfect pace and most of all they react the same however you hit them. But over time this consistency fades away in a lot of balls. That is why consistency is an important factor while choosing a pickleball ball. Consistency is trait every top pickleball balls should have.


The performance of any ball decreases over time. Pound a ball hundreds of times and it’ll eventually lose its performance. But there are quite a few balls out there that still keep a good level of performance even after playing a lot of matches with them. By performance, we mean how the ball spins, control of the ball etc.

Here is a list of Top 10 Best Pickleball Balls Reviews on the market.

Best Outdoor Pickleball Balls Reviews

  • The Onix Pure 2 outdoor balls are specifically optimized and designed for performance. Meets USPA requirements which mean you can use them for tournaments. State of the art technology was used to make this ball
  • True Flight Technology makes them easier to control even in extreme outdoor conditions. The seam welding construction of these balls makes them very durable and prevents them from splitting. The authentic bounce technology keeps the bounce of these balls consistent for a long time.
  • The holes are strategically drilled in order to maintain its balance. If you are looking for a tournament level outdoor pickleball gameplay then look no further, The Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Balls should be enough.

  • This ball is brought to you by Pickle-Ball, Inc. The company that invented this game. The Dura Outdoor Pickleball Balls are the original seamless plastic pickleball balls for outdoor use. Do keep in mind that these balls are used in the US Open Pickleball Championships and also in every USAPA National Tournament.
  • This USAPA/IFP Approved ball is engineered to fly true and straight while maintaining its control thanks to the precision drilled holes. The thick walls make them very durable and long lasting in rough outdoor conditions. The name Dura is short for “durable” and as you can see they do live up to their name.
  • These are the ideal balls of outdoor pickleball play. The weight makes them fast and the evenly designed balanced ball makes them fly straight even in windy conditions. Did you know? This was the official ball for USAPA national tournament 2016.

  • The TOP ball by Pickleball Central is a high-quality outdoor ball. The orange color of this ball makes them highly visible. It has a patented 40 holes pattern that keeps the ball in motion even on tough outdoor conditions.
  • The ball is made using one-piece seamless construction that leaves no weak point on this ball and also the weight is evenly balanced that ensures a smoother gameplay. These are UASPA approved balls for tournament play.
  • The poly construction with plastic material mixture makes them very durable, you can compare them to Dura Fast pickleball balls. This ball will give you predictable bounce, and also maintain its consistency and longevity for a long time.

  • The Franklin Sports X-40 is performance level outdoor pickleball ball that is made using the finest PE material. The advance seamless design leaves no weak point in the ball and will last for hours of aggressive gameplay.
  • The precise machine drilled holes makes it easy to control while creates a superb flight pattern. You’ll be amazed at how well in controls on outdoor courts. The weight is perfectly balanced and size of this ball will surely give a good bounce on the field.
  • This is a USAPA approved ball that’ll maintain its performance at any outdoor courts. The thick plastic will make the ball last for years. If you want to have an aggressive outdoor pickleball match then The Franklin Sports X-40 Performance Outdoor Pickleball will be a great choice.

  • The Tourna Pickleball Balls are the regulation size balls that are optimized for outdoor play. They also meet the official USAPA criteria for tournament use. These are the standard balls for outdoor pickleball.
  • In terms of durability, they have a reputation to last long. The bounce and weight make them easily playable in windy conditions. They fly straight without losing any control. Good quality outdoor pickleball balls for the price.
  • They have high visibility optic yellow color that makes them easier to see in bright daylight. Good for keeping extra balls in storage. The solid construction ensures you get top level performance out of them.

Indoor Pickleball Balls Reviews

  • From the popular name in pickleball industry, The Gamma Sports made an excellent indoor ball that goes by the name Photon. This is one of the best high visibility indoor balls out there.
  • This ball is USAPA approved and the optic green color provides better tracking and visibility. It has a 2-piece construction for consistent play, gives you great balance out of the box. It also features 26 precision molded holes so that you can pinpoint your shots.
  • This photon indoor ball has just the right hardness that gives you consistent bounce on all indoor surfaces. If you want a competitive indoor pickleball game, then go for this one.

  • This is the indoor version of the Onix Pure 2 Pickleball Balls. It has all the features as the outdoor version of this ball. Compared to the outdoor one, the holes are larger and the true flight technology gives it accurate flight outstanding control.
  • In terms of consistency, this is by far the highest consistent indoor ball we have reviewed. Due to the authentic bounce technology, it’ll keep bouncing and react same even after you play it with for a long time.
  • If we want to brag about something then it has to be the durability of this ball. This ball is engineered to withstand even the most aggressive gameplay. If you want a USPA approved ball then the Onix Pure 2 Indoor Pickleball Balls will be ideal indoor pickleball ball.

  • The Pickleball Now Indoor Balls are one of the most highly rated and high-quality pickleball balls in the indoor category. This was the official ball for the Arnold Classic Tournament. This ball also meets USPA criteria.
  • This ball will offer you better bounce, better flight, better durability, better visibility and better control. The green color is also one of our favorite colors when comes to indoor balls.
  • Indoor balls tend to be lighter. But this doesn’t change the fact that this ball will have less durability. In fact, it was designed to withstand longer volleys and aggressive shots.

  • The Jugs Lime Green Pickleballs are made for indoor use. But you can even play them outside. These are durable poly balls and the bright color makes them highly visible in poor lighting condition.
  • These are also USAPA/IFP approved for tournament play. These are not seamless but they are glued together and retouched so that you won’t feel the difference. These are lightweight and makes a good sound when coming off the paddle.
  • Although you can use them outside but compare to the true outdoor balls, it won’t react the same. But this doesn’t change the fact they are ideal for indoor use. In fact, they perform much better indoor than outdoor.

  • The Midnight Indoor Pickleball is different than all the other balls on this list. It is exclusively colored for PickleballCentral. The unique color of the balls is what caught our attention in the first place.
  • Among the highly positive reviews of this ball, “great color” was mentioned a lot. It makes indoor Pickleball sport even more fun. There were also no complaints in terms of durability whatsoever.
  • This is actually a new addition to the pickleball balls industry, we are looking forward to seeing how this ball turns out after playing for a year or more.
Final Thoughts​

We’ve reached the end of this article. As you can see all the balls that have been featured here are top rated in terms of quality, durability, and consistency. Pick any of the pickleball balls you like and make sure to let us know which one you picked in the comment below.