Best Racquetball Balls | Reviews And Buying Guide

Best Racquetball Balls | Reviews And Buying Guide updated for 2018

A Racquetball match doesn’t need a lot of equipment to start. Simply a court, minimum 2 players, Racquetball Racquet, balls, gloves, and the match is good to go.

Racquetball balls are a specific type of balls that match the fast nature of the game. It’s important that you know about their variations and features.

When it comes to non-stop uninterrupted play time, you would want to have the best racquetball balls that suit the nature of the court and match.

Comparison on 8 Best Racquetball Balls in 2018

Best Racquetball Balls- Our Top Picks

Why we like this,

  • The popular Wilson 20/20 Racquetball comes in 3 balls can. The pack contains 12 cans, accumulating 36 balls.
  • Despite being very cheap, the ball delivers good quality with amazing bounce and durability. If you’re a regular player and looking for some good whacking against the wall, go for it.
  • The ball comes in a glossy pink color, making it one of the most visible balls in the court. Indoor or outdoor, the ball catches the eyes easily.

Why we like this,

  • HEAD is one of the leading manufacturers of Racquetball Racquets, shoes and balls. They’re known for their inclination for quality. The Penn Ultra-Blue Racquetball balls come in a noticeable blue color and one of the prime choices for tournaments.
  • The balls have microscopic texture in them. Which allows to the ball to get a good grip on the court. From wooden to concrete, they can be used in different courts.
  • The can contains 3 balls each. The super lively Penn balls provide a neutral balance between speed and control for a long, interrupted play.
  • Some people ordered it as a toy for their dog, some used them for therapeutic reasons to improve grip and strength.

Why we like this,

  • The balls come with an eye-catching attractive combination of blue and red color. This makes it a ball to follow easily during a gameplay, whether you’re sitting in the stadium or in front of your TV. First dual color Racquetball ball in history, introduced by Ektelon.
  • The ball provides high visibility in all type of courts and different lighting conditions. From glass walls and sun stare to under lights, there’s no problem to see the movement.
  • Retains the quality of classic Ektelon products. The balls come in a set of 3. The ball provides some good bounce along with fast speed to make the game more intense and fun.

Why we like this,

  • The Sky Bounce Color Rubber Handballs comes with a pack of 12 balls. These are not only usable for playing Racquetball, but also known for other additional uses. The Sky Bounce Company has been on market since 1979 and well known for their quality products.
  • The ball comes with standard Racquetball size of 2.25 inches. The balls are made of quality soft hollow rubber. They have been adored by the users since 2010, that’s a long history of maintaining quality.
  • The pack comes with different colored balls taking the fun to a whole new level. Those eye-grabbing balls are made keeping Racquetball in mind, but you can also use them for playing Racquetball, stickball, handball, fetching, catching and as toys.

Why we like this,

  • Known as the fastest ball on the market. The Ektelon Fireball provides some serious speed and bounces for those who love to take the intensity to the next level.
  • The balls come in a container of 3. Specialized for outdoors, they are designed with super visible red colors. Not only can the spectators in the ground, the TV watches also enjoy the game without toil.
  • The ball offers the highest bounce for longer rallies. No wonder the ball has been chosen as the official ball of the World Outdoor Racquetball Tournament.
  • These are specially made durable balls that can be used by beginners without worrying about running out of stock anytime soon.

Why we like this,

  • One of the most selling Racquetball balls on the market. The Pen Racquetballs comes with a pack of 12 and a nice-looking container to provide a cost effective solution to regular players. The cost per ball is significantly low when you opt for this pack.
  • This is a classic Penn ball which comes with bright blue color. No problem to follow the ball even in low lights.
  • The ball comes with a neutral balance between speed and control, which is one of the properties of blue Racquetball balls. The control and speed help you to guide the ball to any position and angle you like. Ideal for players of all levels.
  • Dogs love it and I’m not kidding. The balls are easy on teeth and not abrasive, like many of the tennis balls are.

Why we like this,

  • Ektelon is known for manufacturing best Racquetball balls with a lot of color varieties. The Ektelon Classic Racquetballs Black is one of them. This is the official ball of the California Racquetball Association.
  • The ball is black in color and possesses the characteristics of a black colored ball. The ball is made of players who are aged, seniors or players who like slower balls to have better control of the game. The balls allow the longest rallies.
  • It’s a great ball for warming up before matches, especially when you don’t want your opponents to study your gameplay.
  • Ektelon classic black comes in a container of two balls. The ball suits better those players who want to slow down the pace of the play a bit and like to have more time to move.

Why we like this,

  • Sky bounce has been on market since 1979. They have been providing multi-functional balls in larger packs for quite some time now. For example, look at the Sky Bounce Handballs Blue Pack of 12. The pack considerably decreases the cost per ball.
  • The balls come in blue colors. They are made of soft rubbers maintaining the standard of a Racquetball ball. This ball is used in many tournaments due to the visible, spectator-friendly color.
  • Not only can you use these balls for playing Racquetball. They can be used for playing other fun sports like fetching, catching, stickball, and handball. Some people use these balls for a therapeutic reason to improve their strength and grip.

Best Racquetball Balls Buying Guide

Size And Materials

The United States Racquetball organization has a standard size for Racquetball balls. The size is 2.25 inches. All the manufacturers follow that dimension. The balls are made of soft rubber to ensure its bouncy and responsive nature.

However, there are different Racquetball organizations arrange tournaments throughout the year. They contact directly with the manufacturers to exclusively use particular balls for their tournaments. That’s why no specific type of ball is used by all organizations continuously and it’s very normal for the organizations to change their official ball from time to time.

Color Of The Ball

Racquetball balls come in 6 different colors. Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Purple, and Black. Different colors indicate different properties of the ball. Although the color doesn’t matter much at a beginner level, they are chosen according to their properties in advanced levels.

For example, blue colored balls are most widely used by beginner even professionals. These balls have a neutral speed and contact accuracy. The green ball doesn’t much different from the blue ones. These are two types of Racquetball balls used mostly in tournaments.

Purple balls are used for some tournaments like International Pro Racquetball Tour (IRT).

The red balls are the fastest, they are generally heavier and initiates more speed when hit. The pink balls are almost as fast as the red ones.

The black balls are the slowest and allow longer rally, usually used in tournaments played by aged senior players.

Some balls come in dual colors, they combine the characteristics of both colored balls.

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Number Of Balls

The balls are made automatically and pressure sealed into the container. There are different type of containers, 2 balls container, 3 balls container and 12 balls jugs. If you’re a regular player, you should opt for bigger containers to keep the supply available and cost per ball low.

Another thing to consider before buying a container is how often you change the ball. Senior players don’t play more than 3-5 games with a ball, as they prefer the ball lively and with good bounce. However, a beginner may extend the playing time with a ball, it comes down to the condition of the ball.

A thumb rule to detect a ball going dead is checking if the manufacturer logo is still visible. If not, it’s preferred to change the ball, even though no crack is visible.

Different Racquetball balls


Obviously good brand earns their reputation by ensuring good quality. The possibility is very low that you’ll get a ball from them that is not satisfactory. Unless you want the cheapest options with no guarantee, you should opt for renowned brands. Some of their products even come with a very cheap price for those who want to save some bucks without compromising much quality.


If you’re just starting out your journey in this game, the color of the ball doesn’t matter much. As you grow in experience and expertise, you’ll begin to notice the differences and can opt for the one you like. All balls will feel more or less same to beginners, except for the black balls. They are significantly slower and made for specialized use.

Before buying Racquetball balls, decide in which color, brand and quantity you need them. Buying larger packs is cost effective in the long run because they decrease the cost of per ball in average. For an impeccable game time, never compromise the quality. Go for the best Racquetball balls you see fit for yourself and enjoy your play.