Best Racquetball Equipment – Complete List And Reviews 2020

Those who are familiar with Racquetball, know how fun and addictive the game is. This addiction can be actually a good thing for your health. You will be working out like the toughest cardio exercises, but won’t feel any urge to stop playing. This is a competitive game that increases our focus, strength and the ability of strategy making. With the best Racquetball equipment and proper practice, you'll be able to play like a pro within a short time. Having the best equipment is the first motivational factor that will make you play.

Racquetball can be played by people of any age. In fact, there are age specific tournaments arranged for teenagers, adults and seniors throughout the year. It’s a great pastime to play with your friends and family too.

Best Racquetball Equipment

Whether you’re a regular player, or someone who just started to play, having your own Racquetball equipment is necessary. Good news is, the equipment are very affordable and you don’t need much to start a game right away. We have come up with a complete list of the Racquetball equipment and the best products of each category. We are enthusiastic about the game and we hope our selections will be your all-in-one guide for Racquetball equipment.

Best Racquetball Racquets

Racquetball is a strategy game as much as a power game. You just don’t smash your way through the game, unless you want your opponent to exploit that mentality. You need to be calm, thinking, understanding the gameplay of your opponent.

The success in Racquetball depends on sending the ball at the right place with the right force. Racquetball Racquet, plays a significant role in that. A good Racquet brings the best out of your natural style, be it power play or strategic play. That’s why, you need to choose the best one with the right weight, grip and head size that ‘suits’ your style of play.

Check our extensive review guide on the best Racquetball Racquets. They are top products of the market and along with that, affordable.

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Best Racquetball Balls

Racquetball balls are a specific type of balls that are made keeping the pacey nature of the game in mind. There are different types of balls, that those types are identifiable by colors. There are 6 colors Racquetball balls come in. The colors indicate how bouncy a ball is and how fast it goes after getting hit. There are fast balls like the red ones, slow balls for senior players like the black one. The most commonly used types are the blue or green ones.

Racquetball balls are very affordable and tend to go for several games. If you’re an occasional player, a can of 3 balls are sufficient for a long time. For regular players of tournaments, Racquetball balls come in a value pack of 12 balls.

Check our list and thorough reviews of best Racquetball balls that contains the top products of the market.

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Best Racquetball Shoes

Racquetball courts are special kind of courts that are supposed to be even, smooth and harmonized with the nature of the game. The courts are generally small and the ball travels fast between the walls. Players need to move a lot and response quickly unless they want to lose points.

That’s why, Racquetball shoes need to have good traction on the court that help the player to stabilize instantly. Also, they should have the ability to absorb shock, and provide necessary padding as well as comfort to the player. Lastly, they should not leave any mark on the court.

The Racquetball shoes made for men and women are different. They come with different designs and sizes. Keeping that in mind, we compiled two different lists of Racquetball shoes for men and women, along with extensive reviews.

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Best Racquetball Gloves

Many people ignore the necessity of Racquetball gloves, only to find themselves losing control of the game during gameplay. Yes, you can hold the Racquets with bare hands, but the nature of the game is intense and your hands get sweaty. The results are risk of slipping the Racquet, or ache on the fingers and wrist as you have to apply more pressure to hold the Racquet.

best racquetball gloves

Racquetball gloves come with a solution. They provide greater grip of the Racquet. Not only that, they come with necessary padding. The paddings absorbs the shock when you make a smash, or dive on the floor as a last resort to save a point.

Expensive gloves last longer and provide greater comfort. However, it won’t be any crime if you opt for cheaper ones in order to get several of them. Having several gloves give you the chance to switch them during game and between games. We have come up with the most popular Racquetball gloves on the market. Hopefully it will be helpful for you.

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Best Racquetball Goggles

Goggles are the most important equipment of Racquetball. Why is that? Because, this is the protection for your eyes against a Racquetball ball traveling in 100 mph speed. You don’t really want your eyes to come on the way of the ball, do you? That’s why, using Racquetball eyewear is not just necessary in professional matches, rather friendly matches too.

Best Racquetball Goggles

The main challenge with using the Racquetball goggles is the fog that gathers between lenses. Manufacturers came up with several layers of protective anti-mist covering which works out great at first. But they wear gradually with time.

However, no need to worry about that. Because Racquetball goggles come in really cheap prices and you can replace them frequently. Having a clear vision will give you and edge over your opponents. If you’re struggling with one to choose, check our list of the best ones.

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No game is played without equipment, luckily with Racquetball, the equipment are less in numbers and so are participants. Which makes it a great game to play anytime. Also, the nature of the game makes it a competitive one. You won’t even notice that you are working out pretty good and burning calories while not compromising your fun.

The equipment are pretty cheap and affordable for anyone. The price difference is not that big between the regular products and the market favorites. That’s why, we suggest always go for the best Racquetball equipment even if it takes a few bucks extra. Because the purchase will prove cost effective in the l

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