Best Racquetball Racquets – Buyers Guide & Features To Look For

Best Racquetball Racquets 2018 – Buyers Guide & Features To Look For!

Racquetball is a game that comes with both fun and labor. Among the sports that require a paddle or a racquet, racquetball is the most intense.

The game doesn’t only improve your stamina, there are only a few games that can deliver adrenaline rush like this. This is a game played by people of all ages.

And like other sports, the success in racquetball doesn’t just depend on the skill. It also depends on choosing the right equipment for you.

More specifically, having the best racquetball racquet that suits your style of play.

Comparison on 7 Best Racquetball Racquets in 2018

As you know already, sports equipment often comes with the flashy adverts and convincing commercials. That makes it hard to choose the appropriate one, especially for the beginners.

However, if you know the features to look in a racquet while buying, the process will be less baffling.

You can compare the features, see which one will work for you and go on with the shopping process. In this racquetball racquets review, we will humbly try to help you with that.

7 Best Racquetball Racquets Review

We have gone through a long list of racquetball racquets and compared their features, prices and real life user reviews. Combining the data, we have come up with a list of 7 top racquetball racquets. Check the list

1. Head i.165 Racquetball Racquet | Best Racquetball Racquet For Intermediate Players

This racquet has featured in every top list we have come through. Why is this racquet so adored by the users? The main reason is this racquet is made by the famous HEAD Company and they used their patented intelligence technology in the manufacturing.

The Intellfiber technology allows the racquet to deliver significant power despite being lightweight. The strings get stiffen to give you better power when you hit the ball.

Head i.165 Racquetball Racquet will feel like a natural extension of your hand. The best racquetball racquet for intermediate players, this racquet will give you more movement and response time.

At a medium price, this is considered as the best budget racquetball racquet by the users.

The Intellfiber technology allows the racquet to deliver significant power despite being lightweight. The strings get stiffen to give you better power when you hit the ball.

Head i.165 Racquetball Racquet will feel like a natural extension of your hand. The best racquetball racquet for intermediate players, this racquet will give you more movement and response time. At a medium price, this is considered as the best budget racquetball racquet by the users.


  • Head i.165 Racquet is a lightweight racquet at 165 grams weight when unstrung and 184 grams weight when strung.
  • This grip is a wrap type grip designed specially by HEAD. The size of the grip is 3-5/8”. This smaller grip allows more power with the swing. This racquet can be used without gloves as this has a sticky grip.
  • The racquet is amazingly lengthy at 22 inches, allowing the player to reach for the ball easily. The beam size of the Head i.165 racquet is 18.5 inches.
  • The racquet comes with a bigger and heavier head at 103 square inches. The head has a shape of a teardrop. The heavier head balance means more power with each shot.
  • The string pattern of the Head i.165 is 16/19. Which means 16 main strings and 19 cross strings. This is a thin beam racquet with a vast popularity among the players.


  • Best budget racquetball racquet at a medium price, suitable for intermediate to professional players, one of the best racquetball racquet under 100$.
  • Comes with a ComfortTac sticky grip which helps the player to play without slipping it, even in bare hands.
  • The racquet is long and the head is quite big to increase the sweet spot for hitting.
  • The Intellfiber technology helps the user to put more power with less effort.


  • The lightweight might compel beginner players to swing with more physical force.

This one comes with a low price, still loved by the users. The Ektelon PowerRing comes pre-strung and designed to enhance your customer satisfaction.

 The racquet has a tight string that provides you with ample power and tension to get and edge over your opponents. This racquet is made of Aerolite alloy which makes it durable.

Suitable for beginners, this racquet features a heavier head to facilitate powerful shots. With a power level of 1000, this can easily be your choice if you’re starting new or looking for a cost effective option.


  • The Ektelon PowerRing Freak SS Racquetball Racquet comes in a heavier weight of 195 grams when unstrung. This is a suitable weight for those whose style of play is power.
  • The racquet comes with a traditional grip tape which prevents it from slipping from hand. This racquet has a head size of 105 square inches which is big enough to reduce mishits during the gameplay.
  • There is an inverted ring in the throat of the racquet frame. Which ensures the longer and uniform length of the strings. This structure allows an enhanced power level of 1000 across the string bed. The ring has no grommet, increasing the stiffness and longevity of the frame.
  • The string pattern of Ektelon PowerRing Freak SS is 18/16. The frame is made of Aerolite alloy with a power line. The power line comes with grooves on the inner part of the frame providing more power without adding extra weight.


  • The racquet has a bigger head, the head weight balance shift the power into the ball with the hit.
  • The inverted ring with uniform and long strings provide a good tension level to the player.
  • The pre-strung racquet comes with a really low price tag. The best cheap racquetball racquet, users said about it.
  • The material construction makes this racquet durable, ready for frequent use.


  • If you’re a player who likes strategy gameplay, the weight might not provide you with the necessary maneuverability you wanted.

The racquet was designed and developed by the CALTEC (California Institute of Technology). They used the modern super thermos-polymer material to construct the frame.

Their primary target was to come up with a racquet with a bigger sweet spot, effective power transfer, and amplified torsional balance. And the user ratings and reviews say that they did a pretty good job to match the target.

The racquet comes with different weights for people with different preferences. The racquet is easy to maneuver and the power channel technology ensures ample power too. The best budget racquetball racquet which balances between weight and easy movement.


  • As apparent in the title, the Head Liquid Metal Racquetball Racquet comes with different weights. Currently, two weights are available on the market. 170 grams and 190 grams. This allows the player to get the one they feel more ease with.
  • The racquet has a head size of 106 square inches. The bigger size increases the sweet spot of the racquet, allowing to put more power with a minimal hit.
  • The grip size of Head Liquid Metal is 3-5/8”, which is a smaller grip. The grip is made of Head Hydrosorb material to give you the best performance.
  • The racquet comes with a 21 mm beam. The string pattern comes in 16/16 ratio. The string bed provides a good tension to return the ball harder than opponents.


  • Made of thermos-polymer material. Sturdy and durable frame design.
  • Comes with a bigger head with increased sweet spot for the ball.
  • The racquet has a grip made of Head Hydrosorb material which is resistant to slip.
  • Comes with a variety of weights for different players.


  • Head Liquid Metal Racquet doesn’t come with a head cover, you have to buy it additionally.

Constructed with quality materials like graphite and designed with extreme string pattern, this racquet is one of the well-balanced racquets on the market.

One of the highest rated racquet embraced by the users, the Ektelon Thunder is a clever mix of power and precision.


  • The Ektelon Thunder ESP Racquetball Racquet comes with a weight of 185g, usually attractive beginner to intermediate players. Comes with an inverted teardrop shaped head, you can still deliver some power even if you mishit, thanks to the increased sweet spot.
  • The racquet is made of quality materials. The graphite Xtreme material, with the triple threat technology, will deliver you stability during gameplay.
  • The string pattern comes in a 12/16 ratio. This extreme string pattern helps the player to transfer the power into the ball. Known as the best racquetball racquet for older players, with an amazing power level of 2600, this racquet will cover for the less swing speed you’re putting in each shot.
  • The racquet comes with a power ring. This structure delivers a good tension for hitting the ball while increasing the durability of the frame.


  • Comes with a power level of 2600 which is better than most 1000/2000 power level racquets.
  • The user experiences indicate that this racquet is very durable with the graphite material and sturdy frame design.
  • Easy to get adapted with the racquet as it is quite balanced if you’re a beginner, don’t worry, go for it.
  • The power ring and extreme string design transfer the power effectively to the ball.


  • A professional player might go for lighter options for easy to control facility.

Previously known as E-Force gladiator, this racquet entered the market is a bang and still remains the best racquetball racquet for beginners.

Everything about this racquet is power. With a head of 107 square inches and weight over 205 grams, this racquet will surely give you some power and edge over your opponents.

The shape of the head is quadraform, which increases the spot for hitting and lessen the possibility of mishits. Despite being a powerful racquet, this racquet delivers a nice sense of control thanks to the frame design.


  • The E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet features 8 center main long strings extending from handle to the head, covering the full length of 22 inches. This design increases the tension and power of the string bed.
  • The main strings are encircled by 84” of vibration-dampening tubes. These zero Richter tubes are nicely hidden in the handle and reduce the vibration significantly for the user.
  • The ball doesn’t strike two main strings at the same time, due to the bypass stringing system. This system designs the main strings in a way that they skip every two holes, providing power and more live response to the ball.
  • The 10.5” cross strings are attached to the outer edges of the frame. The large 2.54 square cm monster string holes allow both cross and main strings to be anchored on the external side of the structure. This provides with more tension and power.
  • The graphite fibers used in the frame adds more strength and stiffness to the frame.


  • The racquet is designed in a way that it can amplify the power put by the user. The center long strings increase the tension and power significantly.
  • To reduce vibrations, the racquet comes with vibration-dampening tubes which keep the user safe from elbow injuries.
  • The cross and main strings are anchored on the external side of the frame through monster string holes.
  • The graphite materials used in the manufacturing process makes the frame capable of withstanding some hard hitting.


  • Best for power lover, however, if you like more maneuverability, then this racquet might feel slightly heavier for you.

The name Wilson isn’t new to us sports enthusiasts, is it? The maker of quality tennis racquets and the maker of the official racquet of USA Racquetball, Wilson know how to bring out the best from the players through quality racquets. The good news is, Wilson has a variety of racquets aimed for players of different skillset. Their specialized beginner racquet is the Wilson Striker Racquetball Racquet.

One of the cheapest racquets on the market, the Wilson Striker is great for those who are just starting out. The structure of this racquet is well constructed and provides a decent power to the users.

The string design is well executed and provide lower tension to add extra power in the shots.


  • Weighing almost 200 grams, this is a heavier racquet for those who love to whack the ball. The racquet features a V-matrix frame which facilitates extra bed movements, resulting in amplification of actual force.
  • The frame of Wilson Striker Racquetball Racquet is constructed of aluminum alloy with T6 heat treatment technology which makes the frame durable and sturdy to withstand rough uses. Moreover, the V-matrix cross section adds more stiffness to the structure.
  • Comes in a grip size of 3-3/4”, the grip is a fairly larger sized grip which makes it soothing to hold the racquet for an entire gameplay. The racquet is fairly long at 22 inches.


  • This racquet is very cheap, even considered as the best racquetball racquet under 50$. If you’re a beginner and looking for a basic racquet to start with, go for the Wilson Striker Racquetball Racquet.
  • The V-matrix frame and the V-matrix cross section together provides some amplified power to the player.
  • Also ideal for people who don’t looking for being professional, rather pass 1-2 afternoons of the week with the family and have some fun.
  • The T6 heat treatment makes this racquet durable, ready to go for some rough uses.


  • This is a great racquet for the money. But if you’re looking for professional-level quality, you might have to look at higher price ranges.

This is a racquet aimed at professional players. If you are a professional or an enthusiast who won’t mind paying the right price for the best quality, then go for this racquet with eyes closed.

 The racquet features the patent technology the E-Force has and come with the latest, advanced features from their research lab.


  • The weight of this racquet is 160 grams, which is relatively lightweight. This racquet is adored by professional players as it helps them with their strategic gameplay. Also, it covers the lack of power comes with lightweight in the best possible way. So technically you are getting both power and control.
  • The E-Force Heatseeker Racquetball Racquet comes with the 22” long strings technology E-Force features. The main strings spread from the bottom to the head through the handle. This structure allows the user with enhanced power.
  • The bypass string system allows the player more power and live gameplay. The main strings hop every two holes and the ball doesn’t hit two main strings at the same time. The racquet comes pre-strung with the quality ‘E-Force Oxygen 17’ strings.
  • The E-force Heatseeker features a tri-carbon frame and a total carbon head with is durable. The racquet comes with a dual cylinder is makes the racquet resistant to twists and breaking.
  • Inside the handle, there are zero Richter tubes that decrease the vibration to almost zero. The crosses and the mains are the longest possible in a frame to create a lower tension and greater power.


  • One of the best racquetball racquets for power. Lightweight and at the same time designed to deliver power to professionals.
  • The long string technology features strings that are as long as possible and designed for the ball to avoid hitting two strings at the same time.
  • The hi-compression wing technology, carbon head, and tri-carbon structure are adored by the players and designed to serve them for many days.
  • The zero Richter tubes inside the handle decrease the vibration, thus reducing stress in the wrist and elbow.


  • This grip might not be adaptable to every player. If it’s the case, you can change the grip to python to assemble two best products and get the best performance.

How To Choose The Best Racquetball Racquet

We are going to look at the features of a good racquet in this racquetball racquet buying guide. Remember, each product has its own advantages. Your job is to find the one which ensembles the most of your needs.

Head Size

Head size determines the number of miss hits in a Racquetball game. If the head is bigger, the number of mishits will reduce. Even if you fail to hit the ball properly, you’ll still get some power. That is especially helpful for beginners.

Although there is not much variation in the head of racquetball racquets, still this little difference can influence the game. With a bigger head size, your sweet spot for hitting the ball will increase.


The weight of the racquet is a big factor in your gameplay. There is a relation between the weight and the swing speed needed from the player. The more weight you have in your racquet the more power it will deliver, resulting the ball to go fast.

But here’s the catch, you’ll have less swing with the racquet, you won’t be able to control the angle as precisely as you want.

On the other hand, if you use the lightweight racquet, you’ll be about to control the angle of the shot more easily. In that case, you’ll have to rely on your strength to deliver power with the shot. Usually, that type of strength grows over time and experience.

So it comes down to expertise and how long you have been playing this game. For beginners, it’s suggested to use heavier racquets as the heavier swing will recompense with their slower speed to allow them extra power in the shot. This will keep them safe from any initial pain or muscle strain for trying to hit the ball harder. As a player grows in strength and gets habituated with the game, he can choose lighter racquets which will help him control the angle and response quickly.

The ideal weight for different players are-

Beginners- More than 7 ounces.

Intermediate- Between 6 to 7 ounces.

Professional- Lighter than 6 ounces.

Remember, holding the heavier racquets for a whole game might be difficult and discomforting. In this case, you can always switch to a lighter racquet.

Want To Stay Comfortable And Control The Game?

Check our buying guide

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Style Of Play

Your preferred balance type will depend on your style of playing. The racquetball racquet comes with two types of balances.

  • 1. Larger and slightly heavy head.

If you’re a power hitter, love to smack the ball as hard as you can to score points, then you need a larger head. This type of racquets come with a rigid frame and a quadraform shaped head. The dimension will be over 100 square inches. They are heavy on the head side and deliver the player some raw power.

  • 2. Equally Balanced On Both Ends

These type of racquets come in small heads, with measurement under 100 square inches. If you’re a player who relies on quick response and careful placement of the ball, then this type of racquet will work for you. The heads usually come in tear dropped shape.

If you like a combination of power and intelligence, then you can choose from racquets that fall into the middle category. A good all round racquet that balances between weight and head size.

Grip Size

The smaller grip size allows the user additional power and easy movement. On the other hand, bigger grips mean more weight near the hand, resulting in less power in the shot.

However, small grips can cause elbow pain. If you’re a beginner, go for a bigger and comfortable grip. If you’re habituated with the game, the small grip will serve you well.

Small grips generally come in size of 3-5/8”, while bigger grips range from 3-7/8” to 3-15/16”.


The material your racquet determines the durability of it too. It also determines the performance you get during the gameplay. The racquet made of graphite and composites are usually pricier, but they are durable for a long time.


Racquetball racquets come pre-strung from the factory. However, you can choose from different models with different string thickness and tension which will effect your gameplay.

Usually, it’s better for beginner players to use a racquet with the thicker string. This type of racquet is durable and suitable for frequent gameplay. Higher gauge racquets come in thinner strings that allow them more power and control, but they usually last shorter than thicker string racquets.

Racquet strings also come in different tension level. Higher tension strings offer more control, usually chosen by professional players. On the other hand, lower tension strings deliver more power with its trampoline effect.


Each manufacturer has their own style and technologies of manufacturing racquets. They are always trying to come up with the best racquetball racquet on the market.

While the competition is apparent among top manufacturers, unknown manufacturers might not be as committed as the established brands.

That’s why it’s always safe to go for popular brands. Moreover, established brands have a more structured warranty, replace, and refund policy as part of their business.


Players with different skillset have a different preference about price. Generally, professional players are surer of the type of racquet they want to purchase, so they won’t mind paying a higher price.

Beginners may find it difficult to choose their suitable racquet. But hey, if you’re open to suggestions, you can always come back here and check the best racquetball racquet list we compiled for you. If you have a budget constraint, go for the cheaper paddles. As for quality, we already did the hardest part of researching for you.


It’s a good thing that you’re looking for the best racquetball racquets. That means you have a knack for quality and you’re committed to a beautiful game. This game will not only grow a sense of competitiveness inside you, it’ll pass your free times with something beneficiary for your health.

Keeping that in mind, never go for less even if you have a low budget. Find yourself the best racquet for that price range. Before buying, don’t forget to decide which features you want to see in your racquet. We Hope this racquetball racquet review will help you with that. Let us know which racquet works out for you, we would be happy to hear from you.