Best Racquetball Shoes For Men And Women


Best Racquetball Shoes For Men And Women – Updated for 2018

Racquetball games need specialized racquetball shoes because it is a fast paced intense game. The game includes a lot of mobility. Racquetball courts are small and the ball travels fast. 

That’s why players need to wear the best racquetball shoes that support the quick nature of the game. The very same shoes are also very useful for workout purposes.

The court in racquetball is often slippery. The court is made this way to play smoothly and avoid any sudden bumping of the ball.

That’s why the players need to wear shoes that provide good traction on the court. The shoes must be well fit, comfortable and flexible for quick movement.

They cannot be too loose because that’ll hinder the gameplay. Similarly, the shoes cannot be too tight to cause ache. They have to be light for easy movement, but not too light that fails to provide stability.

That’s a tricky choice, right? The good news is, there are shoes made by renowned manufacturers only for racquetball or sports like racquetball.

They provide just the right amount of mobility and shock absorption capability to equal the quick nature of the game.

Ektelon has been manufacturing quality shoes for quite some time now and Ektelon Men’s NFS Classic MID is their special racquetball shoes. The shoes are popular among racquetball players due to NFS (Natural Foot Shape) feature. Which means the shoes adapt nicely with the shape of the feet. Lightweight, yet good traction on the court, Ektelon racquetball shoes are now trending among players.

Why We Like This

  • The Shoes are suitable for mid to wide foot types. The NFS feature and the squared toe box make the shoes a superior fit than any other shoes.
  • The shoes are very lightweight. The upper side of the shoes is made of soft synthetic and mesh lining. Which provides breathability to the foot and takes a very little time for breaking in.
  • The shoes come with cushy tongue and collar to provide extra support and coziness around the ankle.
  • The sole is made of gum rubber and easily identifiable due to a nice color combination. The sole is very durable and provides good traction to support fast movements of the players.

What Could Be Better

While the shoes are of top quality, style and color variation would have been good because they have a great market demand.

If you want to get great quality coming with lucrative design, don’t forget to look for Asics Men’s GEL-Rocket 7 Shoes. Asics shoes bring amazing quality and performance for seasons after seasons. Favored by players all over the world, Asics GEL-Rocket 7 are performance driven athletic shoes.

Why We Like This

  • The shoes come with increased gum rubber sole which provides amazing traction on the slippery courts of racquetball. The improved color and styling make it the shoes for shows. The molded-EVA midsole provides extra grip.
  • Asics shoes are well fit and don’t cause any ache to the user’s feet. The approximate shaft distance from the arch is 2.02 inches. The court specific forefoot cushioning restrain the shoes from leaving marks on the court.
  • The shoes come with cushioned foot bed and synthetic overlays. The cushions protect the ankle from any accident. The mesh lining upper part of the shoes provide breathability.

What Could Be Better

The shoes might seem a little bit heavy until you get habituated with them.

One of the trusted manufacturers of racquetball racquets, HEAD is the manufacturer of quality racquetball shoes also. The ultra-stylish Head Men’s Sprint Pro Indoor Shoes is noticeably lightweight and durable.

Why We Like This

  • The HEAD shoes come with single piece core layer of perforated ethylene vinyl acetate, which provides a perfect fit and stability.
  • The outsole is made of natural non-marking gum rubber. That’s why this shoe is widely used for indoor games like volleyball, basketball, racquetball. The heel is made of thermoplastic poly urethane which acts as a good stabilizer for the foot.
  • The shoe is very lightweight. The upper portion comes with mesh tongue and vamp which is breathable. Comes with 4 different attractive colors.

What Could Be Better

It can take a few matches to break in.

There’s no introduction needed for Nike, is there? Nike is especially known for manufacturing sports goods and obviously, shoes. I mean, Cristiano Ronaldo wears their shoes, right? They brought their excellence in racquetball with their Nike Men’s Metcon 3 Training Shoe. Comes with a whopping 9 different color variations, you’ll have a hard time choosing between them.

Why We Like This

  • Nike metcon men’s shoes come with a mid-foot technology that helps to fit and lock the foot perfectly into place. The dual thickness foam midsole provides comfort and all the support your ankle needs.
  • The Nike metcon shoes come with a rubber sole that is attached firmly to the upper body. The sole has a good grip for maintaining balance in a racquetball court.
  • The shoes are very lightweight and you’ll find comfort in the mesh linings on the upper part of the shoes. The product comes in 9 different colors and designs.

What Could Be Better

Are you kidding? It’s Nike we’re talking about.

Another one from the quality display of Asics. The ASICS Men’s GEL-Upcourt Indoor Court Shoe is loved by not only racquetball players but also other indoor game players. Why wouldn’t they love it, it is a perfect combination of style, comfort, and good grip.

Why We Like This

  • The noticeable thing about this shoe is the grooves and designs under the sole. The gum rubber sole with pivot delivers a good traction on the court.
  • The Asics GEL shoe comes with rear foot GEL cushioning to protect your ankles from any discomfort.
  • The product comes in two different colors. The upper body mesh lining is something that’ll prevent your feet from getting sweaty.

What Could Be Better

To use regularly can help you out to adjusted on it.

Now a days women are also interested on playing Racquetball. Keeping them in mind, manufacturer are producing specialized shoes. So, our experts are making a list for our valuable female audience. Let’s have a look for top rated Racquetball Shoes  for Women below.

Best Racquetball Shoes For Women 2018 – Comparision Table

Best Racquetball Shoes Women – Best Picks For You

This shoe is widely loved among the women racquetball players. Because not only the shoe provides some good traction, the design is something your team members, even opponents will come appreciating. Comes with seven different colors and designs, you’ll spend hours to decide which one is the best.

Why We Like This

  • The Reebok Nano shoe comes with Kevlar infused upper ratchets and mesh lining, providing some comfort for your foot. The shoe is very lightweight and an anatomical shaped good fit.
  • The Tri band midsole which is made of foam fusion technology provides some good traction. One of the products that come with the Reebok excellence.
  • Precision works like textured Rope-pro and sandpaper like Kevlar makes your movement easy and flexible during an intense game time.

What Could Be Better

It might take some time for the shoes to break in and get habituated with your feet.

When it comes to racquetball/ volleyball shoes, ASICS is one of the most trusted names in the field. They produce shoes that are beautiful in design yet ready to take some abuse. These performance driven athletic shoes are built to sustain for seasons after season.

Why We Like This

  • The ASICS women’s shoe comes with a good rubber sole to provide necessary traction on the court. Moreover, the trusstic system reduces the weight of the sole without compromising the structural reliability of the shoe.
  • From arch, the shaft measure is approximately 2.72 inches. It’s a good fit. The forefoot GEL cushioning absorbs shock during a game time. No need to return from a match with ankle pain.
  • The NC rubber outsole provides more traction than normal rubbers. The sole is made of compounds containing more natural rubber content than the traditional ones. The shoe comes in different colors and designs. Luring, isn’t it?

What Could Be Better

The shoes might feel slightly heavier for a few days until you get habituated with them.

Adidas is a giant in the world of sports goods. They achieved their position by manufacturing quality products. Indoor sports shoes aren’t out of that list. The Adidas Performance Women’s Barricade Club Training Shoe comes with great quality and different stylish colors.

Why We Like This

  • The Adidas performance shoes are made of durable fabric. The shoes are lightweight and the upper part of the shoe is laced up. The upper part is mesh lined and integrated with cross forefoot straps.
  • The shoes come with features like textile lining and ADIPRENE heel cushioning. The cushion will absorb the shock traveling to your ankle during a game.
  • The shoe sole is made of rubber. The durable ADIWEAR 6 outsole provides necessary traction and control in racquetball matches. The product comes with five different matured designs and colors.

What Could Be Better

The shoes might feel a bit narrow until it breaks in within some days.

Another quality product from ASICS. You just can’t leave those shoes out of a top list. Those who love quality and comfort above of all should go for ASICS Women’s GEL-190 TR Cross-Training Shoe. The Shoe comes with DuoMax support system to support your foot bed and provide great comfort.

Why We Like This

  • The sole is made of patented SPEVA midsole material, which increases the bounce back features and prevents midsole break downs. The rubber sole provides some good traction on the court.
  • The patented trusstic system decreases the weight of the sole, but that doesn’t mean it compromises the structural integrity of the shoe. The shoe is a good fit for your foot and gets adapted to them within a few days.
  • The Rearfoot cushioning system provides a good shock absorption during a gameplay and allows a smooth transfer to midstance.
  • The ASICS Women’s GEL-190 comes in 6 different colors and designs. Take your time and find the most attractive one to wear in your next match day.

What Could Be Better

Might feel a little heavy for the first few days until you get habituated.

Best Racquetball Shoes Buying Guide

Why Specialized Shoes For Racquetball?

The nature of racquetball demands that you have to run toward any direction, like forward, backward, right or left in an instance. You have to reach to the ball and stabilize yourself you have a clear shot. Which means you need shoes that help you to run suddenly and stop instantly.

Often that feature cannot be filled with regular house shoes or running shoes. The running shoes have a specific design in the toes, which points upward. They are meant to go forward, not to facilitate sudden static position. Also, home shoes lack necessary traction for a fast game like racquetball.

Gum Rubber Sole

One thing you need to check if the shoes have gum rubber. Often, it is mentioned in the product description. Also, you can identify them just by looking at the bottom of the shoes. They come with identifiable bright colors and have grooves and various design underneath.

Another thing you have to check is the non-marking feature of the shoes. The courts used in indoor games such as basketball, racquetball are made of wood. They are very expensive and should not be ruined after some matches. That’s why always make sure your shoes don’t leave any black mark on the court.

Size Of The Shoes

One of the most important things to consider, of course. Make sure your shoes fit you perfectly. If you’re buying online, know your size accurately before placing an order. A pair of shoes can win or ruin the game for you. Wearing loose fitting shoes not only hampers the gameplay, it can cause injuries.

Sometimes, shoes made especially for indoor games like racquetball comes with the NFS feature, meaning ‘Natural Foot Shape’. Manufacturers molds this type of shoes in a way that fit the arch, sole, and heel of your foot, meaning they imitate the shape of your foot. This type of shoes may take a while to get adapted. But they provide comfort and support in the long run.

Ankle Protection

It depends on how you like to play the game. There are different types of ankle protections. High protection offers less mobility, but better protection. Low protection offers near to no protection but offers a great mobility. The medium balances between the two. Those who have a habit of twisting their ankles often in a high tempo game should use high ankle protection.

Men Or Women?

There are obvious differences between men’s and women’s shoes. The first difference is in design and style. The style and colors used for men and women are usually different.

Another difference is in size. The meaning and structure of a specific size number are different for men and women. Men usually have wider and thicker feet. That’s why women’s shoes won’t fit them. However, for a woman with wider feet, there are always options to look at men’s shoes that’ll suit her.


Indoor sports like racquetball, basketball, volleyball often need specialized shoes to support the nature of the court. Those shoes need to have good traction, as well as features like lightweight, shock absorption, and rubber sole.

In the case of an intense sport like racquetball, the need is even more prevailing because the court is short and players need to move fast to different directions. Having the best racquetball shoes increases the chance to dominate the match along with preventing injuries. We have discussed and reviewed the best racquetball shoes for men and women separately for your convenience. Take your pick for the next match day.

Let us know which one worked for you. We’re always happy to hear from you.