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How to Select the Right Athletic/ Sports Shoes

Nearly all types of sports require lower body movement that is your waist and legs. It’s always best to get yourself a pair of comfortable sports shoes. Having the wrong athletic shoes can lead to aching heels and shin splints.  Athletic shoes are entirely different from walking shoes. They are much more flexible and are […]

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7 Basic Racquetball Strategy Tips

Racquetball is a fun sport that comes with good physical exercise opportunity. What makes the game sexier is the opportunity to use the head. Yes, Racquetball is as much of a strategic game as much physical.  The success in Racquetball depends heavily on hitting the ball to the right place with the right angle, keeping […]

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How To Play Racquetball | Racquetball Rules

In the year of 1950, John Sobek came up with the idea of Racquetball. The idea was mixing the basics of Squash, Paddleball, and Handball. After 65 years, this is one of the most popular sports around the world.  If you want an intense workout at the expense of fun, Racquetball is your sports to […]

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Pickleball Strategy Guide | Pickleball Tips And Tricks

The prime beauty of Pickleball is, this is just not a game of force. If you’re a strong person with the habit of hitting the ball quarter mile away every time, scoring in pickleball might be tough for you. Knowing your pickleball strategy will give you an edge over your opponents.Why?Pickleball is a game of […]

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How To Play Pickleball | Pickleball Rules With Video

Probably many of you already know how to play Pickleball. Many of us have the sweet childhood memory playing pickleball in the summer afternoon. Match after match playing with your friends and the afternoons would extend to evenings. Pickleball is a game of competitive nature that engages people very much. It is one of those […]

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History Of Pickleball | A Game Invented By A Family

Despite being a professional game, Pickleball is one of the few games that reached the backyard of the families. You can pass your lazy afternoon with your family playing this game, you only need pickleball paddles and a ball to get started. Not only it is fun, it’s better than sitting on a couch and […]

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