10 DIY Gym Equipment Plans to Build Your Own Gym

Like all others, the fitness community has also been captivated by the DIY movement much to the appeal of it - a gym without sweat? No naked unknown people overcrowding the gym when you get there? Bingo! Already pumped up, right?

On the other hand, manufactured gym components can definitely prove to be expensive, heavy and portability is non-existent. So, both of the two conventional options are proving a bit off-limits. Why not opt for a different way out - maybe make your own gym equipment?

Here are 10 homemade gym equipment concepts to know more about these tools and more importantly, train yourself to the limits -

Pipe Gymnastics Bar: Gymnastic Bars are the mother of working out tools. But using a gymnastic bar could be expensive. So, you know what to do. It’s time for some DIY to make your ​homemade gym equipment​.
The best part about DIY gymnastic bars is you can make it within your height and length. Klamp fittings could be used here to adjust the measurements.

Monkey Bars: ​Monkey bars can play a prominent role in enhancing endurance exercises. They aren't just for kids. Monkey bars are a handy tool for improving coordination and core body movement. Here's a ​homemade gym equipment plan,​ standardRailingflangecanbeusedtomakethistrainingtool.

Materials that will be needed to make monkey bars at your home are pipe, screw, single-socket tee. The pipe goes through the open socket and comes out terminating a portion of the pipe on the other end. Bars may be adjusted by loosening, resetting and tightening the set screw located on the fitting owing to the fact that the fitting is locked by a set screw.

Parallettes: ​Just like a couple of towel bars placed side by side, parallettes are simple; and useful. Coordination, balance, agility are just some handpicked advantages that parallettes gracefully provide.

With PVC pipes, electrical tape and glue, if you're focused enough, you'll be having your homemade parallettes built in no time!

Simple Fit Workout Power Tower

An all-in-one workout machine built to achieve simplicity to the core is the Simple Fit Workout Tower, which can be set up virtually in any place in a short time. Thus, it gets easier to be ported in the future. Heavy-duty galvanized steel ensures durability and contributes to develop different muscle groups for a full-body fitness training.

The Simple Fit Workout Tower is a ​homemade gym budget handy tool to complete a massive variety of workouts which include pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, knee raises, push-ups, sit-ups and also, exercises that work up the abdomen.

It was designed to build on the concept of making being healthy and at the same time, fit at home a much easier task.

Farmer’s Walk Bars: ​This form of exercise is pretty common within strength athletes around the world. At first sight, this exercise looks pretty easy and simple. The move starts with athletes lifting heavy objects in each hand, and they have to walk holding those until they get exhausted.

In reality, this exercise is deceptively difficult. The moves will help you to build up your strength and will improve your body's structure. The best part about this exercise is you don't need a professional to set it up in your house. So, ​here's how to make this gym equipment plan without much money, you just need some pipe, screws, and recycled or store-bought wood and within $100 you'll have your very own homemade farmer’s walk bars. You also have the freedom of deciding the weight and size of the bars according to your fit.

SandBag​: DIY sandbags help to secure a balanced structure as well as strength. This muscle enhancing technique is pretty easy to maneuver and adds an extra challenge to your routine.

The materials you need to create a sandbag are cheap and easily available. You need some strong plastic bags, mainly those bags which are used for garbage removal or heavy-duty. The size depends on your wish. You also will be needing duck tapes, ropes, filters, bubble wraps, and a canvas duffle bag. Use these raw materials to build up your own sandbag and start swinging around.

Suspension Straps: ​For resistance training suspension straps are great as training tools. Its minimalist approach towards body building has gained popularity within a

short time. People are fond of using suspension straps for gearing up their muscles and limbs.

If you buy suspension straps from a shop, it's going to cost you a lot. But because of the DIY magic and viable hardware shops your job can be done for about $15.

Now all you need is a sustainable tree brand or a door jamb to carry your weight. Then with a few minutes of your hard work time, you'll have your very own suspension straps. So, start suspending!

Pull Up Bars: ​Pull-ups are a classic addition and significant contributors to the muscle groups of your arms and back. It's deservedly one of the traditional pillars of strength training routines.

Start making your own pull-up bar by fitting some pipes together and make sure that the contraption is hung over a convenient load carrying i-beam.

Before you start pulling, it's absolutely essential to ensure the security and support of the bar because otherwise, you're doomed.

While it's safe to say that pull-ups aren't something to master in a short period, if you wish to see yourself become a pull-up aficionado, firstly, get your bar right.

Hand Weights: ​A weight set is firstly, expensive, and secondly, surprisingly spacious. Homemade hand weights can provide you with portable alternatives which is not too expensive to make on your own.

Starting small and working your way up the ladder, to heavier weights - you can do with your homemade hand weights just as you do with the ones in the gym while saving enough pennies in your pocket.

Sandbags are usable options and light enough to start with. For a hand weight workout under budget, use sandbags to perform the traditional dumbbell moves. Then, if you're prepared to face bigger challenges, replace the smaller bottles with larger ones filled with sand, rocks or even water. Lift!

Pipe Squat Rack: ​To keep your body fit and strong another great exercise is giving squats. A squat rack can be found at all of the gyms in the world. It's considered as

the workhouse of health centers and gyms. But buying a squat rack will cost you a lot as it takes up a lot of money to be manufactured.

So, the best possible way is to build it up on your own. Klamp fittings , flange fittings, single swivel socket and side outlet elbows will help you to construct a squat rack.

If you're an exercise connoisseur, you'll be searching out DIY gym equipment ideas and be building your own components and giving yourself a much-needed proficiency and financial boost.

Also, building the components from scratch is actually a workout itself, so even before your DIY equipment is up and running, you're working out!

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