How To Play Pickleball | Pickleball Rules With Video

Probably many of you already know how to play Pickleball. Many of us have the sweet childhood memory playing pickleball in the summer afternoon. Match after match playing with your friends and the afternoons would extend to evenings.

Pickleball is a game of competitive nature that engages people very much. It is one of those sports that are widely played by family members. Some fun and competition while keeping your family together.

Great, isn’t it?

For those who are wondering, what is pickleball? Is it an imaginary game I made up with my friends? No. It is a popular game played throughout the USA.

The history of pickleball tells us an interesting story about how it was invented by one of America’s own and spread by its own people.

The idea of Pickleball is amazing. Think of it as a fusion of lawn tennis, table tennis, and badminton. Like those games, you have a court, a Pickleball paddle, a net and a lightweight whiffle ball. People can play in singles and doubles.

People of all ages play this game, family members, kids, retired personnel and who not? The court and the playing style is like tennis, except this game is more compact and less stressful.

This a game that can bring you some harmless fun and you won’t even find that you’re getting a good level of physical exercise as well.

How To Play Pickleball | Rules Of Pickleball

The rules of pickleball are pretty simple. The game closely follows the rules of badminton or table tennis.

The game needs a court, is played using a paddle (which is slightly larger than a Ping-Pong paddle and made of wood or composite), a light plastic whiffle ball with holes on it.

The serve starts with the right-hand court. The player serves the ball to the other service court located diagonally on the other side of the net. Now, while serving, the player must keep one foot behind the backline, the must hit the ball with an underhand swing serve.

There are two no volley zones marked on the court on either side within 7 feet of the net. While serving, the player must clear the no volley zone. Only one fault is allowed. In the case of double, both players get a serve each and then the serve goes to the opposing team.

Both sides must allow to the ball to bounce first before hitting with the bat at least one time from the start of the serve. Then, players are allowed to volley the ball, provided they are not inside the no volley zone, or keeping a foot on it.

A single player or a duo win the point only when they’re serving. The game is played up to 11 points and the win must be by a minimum margin of 2 points.

So the rules of pickleball are

  1. Serve diagonally to opposite player with an underhand swing.
  2. Serve to keep a foot behind the backline, and clearing the no volley zone.
  3. Let the ball drop at least once, then you can start volleying.
  4. Stay clear of the no volley zone while volleying.
  5. Get to 11 points while keeping a 2 points gap.
pickleball rules
Source- USAPA

Doing a fault move will cost you a point. So you need to avoid them. The faults are

  1. Hitting the ball out of the boundary
  2. Failing to clear the net and the no volley zone (during serve)
  3. Volleying the ball before bouncing on the ground at least once.
  4. Volleying the ball standing or keeping a foot in the no volley zone.

Pickleball Court And Equipment

You do not need tons of accessories to play pickleball. You just need pickleball paddles, a net, a whiffle ball. You can draw a court at your backyard or driveway with a chalk, or you can find pickleball courts.

As the game is gaining momentum, you can find official courts in different community centers, playgrounds, and private clubs.

Setting the court is quite easy, as a pickleball court is almost one-third the size of a lawn tennis court. The dimension of the court is like a badminton court (20 feetx44 feet).

A net divides the whole court and there are two no volley zones of 7 feet area on either side of the net. So, the remaining playing area of the court is 20 feetx15 feet, divided by to equal rectangles for double players.

As the court is short, the no volley zones provide a nice balance to the game. The no volley zones take away the opportunity of smash shots.

That made the game more fun, players have to concentrate and be intelligent on placing the shots. Also, they have to avoid the faults which make this game less force, more brain type.

Where You Can Play Pickleball

Pickleball is now played in all 50 states. According to USAPA, there are more than 4000 pickleball courts in the North America alone.

So if you want a feel of the real playground, no matter where you live, hopefully, you can get a place nearby. The game is also quite popular in Canada, UK, India, China, Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

The USA Pickleball Association has a list of the places inside the USA where pickleball is played.

You can check your area from there. If you do not get a pickleball court nearby, then use a badminton court instead. All you have to do is just lowering the net to the height of 36 inches.

Also, apart from USAPA’s official Pickleball tournament, an ample amount of leagues and tournaments are arranged throughout the year by YMCA s, private clubs, Local District Recreations.

Check the above list for finding tournaments near you. If there’s none, you can start one yourself.


Despite being a professionally played, this is one of those few games that could blend in American families. Why? Because setting up the court is easy, the accessories are cheap and the game is competitive as well as fun.

You can pass a wonderful afternoon with your family while providing the members a good form of physical activity. This type of family time is important and of course, it’s better than sitting on a couch passing a boring time.

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