12 Quick and Fun Indoor Kid Games for A Rainy Day

It's raining and pouring. You’re stuck inside your apartment and life feels boring? There might be 100 things to do on a rainy day: you might be contemplating about a cup of hot-cocoa and a good movie, but as you all are cooped up inside you can play with your children instead. 

Here's an extensive list of indoor games for having a fun, overwhelming and exciting time!    

Board Games

Board games are a great way to enjoy a quality time with your kids and other family members. The best part is, people from any age can have a great time playing board games. So, bring out that board and wipe all its dust off because it's time to rock in the classic way!


The popular word guessing game. This game is enjoyable both for young and old. It also helps kids to learn words in a playful manner. This is an indoor game that should be played every Friday during school days. Keep a dictionary close to you if you want to win! 

Age Range: 8+


Chess is one of the best indoor activities for families. This classic strategy game helps to sharpen minds. Chess might be a bit difficult for your child now but after getting the hang of it your child might turn into a grand-master sooner or later. Play this game with your kids to master concentration and patience!

Age Range: 8+


As long as kids are stuck indoors, playing this class real estate game could be an option. If you want your kid to practice becoming a successful business tycoon from an early age then this classic game might come in handy. You'll find many editions in the market for this game. You can even find monopoly deal card rendition for arguably, a more fun experience. 

Age Range: 8+

Connect 4

Another highly rated strategy game which is easy for kids is Connect 4. Cuddle up inside the blanket with kids and play this class grid game and race to connect 4 of the two colors. Your child will get excited every time they will be close to connect all 4 colors. Kids with a flair for strategy, quick and puzzle games will find this entertaining. 

Age Range: 6+


This is a great game to involve young children. The rules are simple and engaging. Just race to be the first one filling up cards. Schools even use this game for teaching the little ones matching and languages. Play it once and your kids will be at the edge of their seats to play this game again!

Age Range: 3+


If you are looking for an educational board game look no further!  

A game with the mixture of board game and card game sequence is great for strategy build up. It’s perfect to have a great time with your kids on a rainy day. This game is likely to become a family favourite once you play it. 

Age Range: 3+  

Card Games

Card games are great for tossing in your bag and taking with you while travelling. But on rainy days you can get on the frenzy of fun with card games. Here are some card games to play at home when bored on a rainy day.


This is one highly rated family friendly game. As it is easy to learn, children aged 7+ as well as grown ups find it pretty entertaining.  You need at least 3 people to play this game but if you have more that is even better!  With colorful cards this game is about finishing all the cards in your hand.  It is a game of non stop fun with easy clean up. It's a great way to reinforce practice and strategic skills.  

Age Range: 7+

Go Fish

This game promotes learning for strategy and probability. It is great for young children and leaves a remark of satisfaction. Each player gets seven cards. The game goes on with the requester and the players. If the requester guesses wrong he becomes a player and has to take a card from the fish pond. The catch phrase here is "go fish."     

The first person to finish all cards in hand wins the game. 

Age Range: 7+


This is another kid friendly game with a standard deck of 52 cards. Players keep on flipping cards on this game. Until someone notices two cards on top are the same and shouts "snap!" the game continues. If two players shout snap simultaneously it forms a snap pool. 

This game is exactly the opposite of UNO and Go Fish, here the player with all of the cards wins. 

Age Range: 6+

How to plan Natural Learning Indoor Games with Kids!

Don't be sad of not owning this board or card games cause we have got your back. Here are some games that do not require anything. But your kids will learn many skills in the form of exercise by these games.        

Playing Charades  

Charades is a cool family game that you can try out on a stormy day. With your goofy moves and funny mimicking gestures you can have fun with your children by playing charades. Make a team and challenge your other family members. The game follows up by acting and guessing the character or movie name. Not only rainy days this game gives everyone the wiggles in a family gathering as well. 

Mirror Dance 

This game is a fun way to make your kids do some exercise. The rules are pretty simple and easy. All of the players have to exactly follow the moves that the leader gives. When the leader yells ''free for all'' all the players can dance according to their wish. It also is an entertaining  indoor party game for kids. This game has no winners, no losers!  Just have fun while dancing to the music.   

Arm & leg tag

This is a classic chase game with a fun twist. Every player is an it here the aim is to tag other players arms and legs. Once an arm or leg gets tagged, it becomes unusable. So, the player needs to play with their tagged hand behind or play by hopping on one leg. This game is easy, fun and makes everyone laugh. It also is a good form of exercise to take in.  Just keep hard furniture out of the gaming zone for a while as kids might get hurt while running! 

Playing games with kids outside in the fresh air and sunlight is a bliss. But when playing outside is impossible for the inclement weather, do not be disheartened and bring the gaming spirit indoors instead. These easy games will offer you a quick way to light up your mood when the clouds roll in.

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