7 Basic Racquetball Strategy Tips

Racquetball is a fun sport that comes with good physical exercise opportunity. What makes the game sexier is the opportunity to use the head. Yes, Racquetball is as much of a strategic game as much physical.

The success in Racquetball depends heavily on hitting the ball to the right place with the right angle, keeping the right pace. Also, you need to know where you should take the position in order to increase your chance of winning the point. That’s why knowing some Racquetball strategy tips will give you an edge over the opponent.

There’s a lot to a game outside of the official rules. They are proven tips, tricks, tweaks that earn you the point. Often, they come with experience, a result of real life playing for a long time, not written in a text. This Racquetball strategy guide will help you with that. Even if you’re a professional, you might find one or two points interesting.

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Racquetball Strategy And Tips

Stay At The Center Of the Court

  • Always look for staying at the center of the court. The ball will come near you every time your opponent messes up or have a miss hit. Staying in the middle allows you to be within a few feet of every possible shot. Also, that means staying near your opponent. This way, there will be a little more speed when the ball reaches your opponent. Be aware of hinder when you’re applying this tactic.

Find Weaknesses Of Your Opponent

  • Most of the time the game is not won by power. I mean, you cannot expect to go to the court, smack the ball with all the power you have and expect to win point every time. You’ll be exhausted in no time and the opponent will take advantage of that.
  • It’s a better idea to study your opponent first, find out the weaknesses. This can be done when you and your opponents are warming up. You should take different shots at different angles to find out the itching you can scratch. Sometimes your opponent might find it hard to bend over and return low shots. Sometimes they might have weaknesses with high shots or their backhands. Make an assessment and exploit it during the play.

Watch Your Opponents Position

  • One of the important Racquetball tips is, always keep an eye on your opponent. It’s a popular tactic to hit the ball far away from the opponent. This way, if the opponent doesn’t respond quickly he’ll lose the rally. Look if your opponents are standing too forward or too backward, on the right too much or on the left. Make your shot with appropriate speed and angle to the other direction of your opponent. Try to make a low shot around the knee height.

Know Your Weaknesses

  • Remember, it’s not only you who are studying the opponent’s gameplay. Your opponent does the same thing. If you are playing with an experienced player, it’s always better to ask for tips from him AFTER the match. Also, you can ask your opponent about your gameplay, what weaknesses you have.
  • Finding your weaknesses will help you to work on them. For example, you’re not so good while returning weak front court shots and you know about that weakness. Then you can always try to hit the ball with power, making it hard for your opponent to take a light return that lands on the front court.

Not Hitting Too Hard For The Back Wall

  • Some people cannot resist hitting the ball too hard for the back wall. They do it because it’s harder for the opponent to hit a return from the back wall. The problem with often doing this shot is it slows down the ball nicely for your opponent, allowing them to take control of the ball. If you find it too much tempting to hit the back wall then it’s a good idea to hit the ball on the lower side with less speed.

Hitting The Ball Properly

  • This is a difficulty many beginners face. This has a connection with the grip. Make sure your Racquet is facing forwards when it hits the ball. Failing to do that will cause the ball to go with the angle of the Racquet.
  • Another problem is hitting the ball incorrectly. Some players attempt to hit the ball with a windmill like a circular motion. Rather, the Racquet should be parallel to the ground while hitting the ball, you should complete the shot, ensure a follow through like you’re throwing the Racquet.

Work On Your Grip

  • Work on your grips. Make sure you are using proper forehand and backhand grips. Also, you should not hold the Racquet too tightly. This will decrease the torque speed and make the return actually slower than you intended. Just keep a balance so that you do not lose the Racquet and be able to use its weight to provide you with necessary power.

Some Other Tips

  • Always, pass the warm up time hitting the most common shots of the game, like ceiling balls and down the line passing shots. This will obstruct your opponents from studying your gameplay.
  • Never run towards the ball directly. Keep the ball on your strong side and keep necessary space between you and the ball to complete a swing.
  • Always be open to learn and watch how professional players play. Pay attention to how they are covering for their weaknesses. Also, always have a conversation with your opponents after the gameplay, take their suggestions. Not only that helps with the gameplay, it helps you to make some friends.

Tips are of no use unless they are practiced beforehand. Always keep practicing and keep learning. Another thing is, never forget the essence of the game, at the end of the game you might be on the losing side. There’s no problem with that as long as you accept that with sportsmanship. That doesn’t mean your strategies were all wrong and you need to start over. As you’ll grow with the game you’ll find some tricks that work fine for you.

We hope this Racquetball Strategy Tips will help you. Let us know about your tips, we’ll keep updating this writing learning from your experience.

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