How to Select the Right Athletic/ Sports Shoes

Nearly all types of sports require lower body movement that is your waist and legs. It’s always best to get yourself a pair of comfortable sports shoes. Having the wrong athletic shoes can lead to aching heels and shin splints.  Athletic shoes are entirely different from walking shoes. They are much more flexible and are capable of handling the great impact. But how do you find the perfect athletic shoes? Below is a guide to help you out.

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Shape of Your Feet

Despite the fact that all our feet look the same, they are a lot much different. Aspects such as the shape of your feet are quite important in selecting a suitable athletic shoe. Fortunately, most leading athletic shoe brands sell shoes for all types of feet. You can identify the shape of your foot by conducting a wet test. The procedure is simple, immerse your legs on some water and trace your footprint on a piece of paper.

Or rather, you can just confirm the shape of your foot from shoes you used to wear if there is wear on the inside of the edge then you have flat feet. An athletic shoe providing maximum support and motion control is suitable for you. On the other hand, if the wear is on the outside of the edge. You have high arches. Find an athletic shoe that will provide you with stability.

2. Your Type of Sport

The perfect athletic shoe should have features compatible with your type of sport. It’s always best not to multitask your sport shoes. For instance, in a sport like golfing. It’s best to buy spikeless golfing shoes. The benefit of spikeless golf shoes is that they aid prevent slipping during the swing. They are also comfortable and you can conveniently walk around the golf club. 

Additionally, it should be waterproof. From this example, it’s always best to select a pair of sport shoes that match your sport. Be keen not to buy a shoe made for another sport. For more informative and educative content keep connected to our website and visit a site to learn more about spike or spikeless golfing shoes .

3. Make Sure You Buy the Perfect Size

When buying regular types of shoes, you can always buy a pair that is a little bit bigger than your feet size. This will provide room that accommodates feet growth. However, this is not the case with athletic shoes. It should be an exact fit.

Before buying a sport shoe, make sure you are aware of your current foot size. Ignore the myth that foot size doesn’t increase in adults. Failure to do so can lead you to buying a pair that is bigger or smaller.

4. Carry Your Own Socks

On the day that you are going to buy your athletic shoes, don’t forget to carry your own socks. This will help you get the perfect fit. The ideal sport shoes need to fit well with your regular socks.

5. Buy the Shoes at the End of the Day

Did you know that feet swell when you are walking or running? If you therefore buy shoes very early in the morning, you can end up buying a small size. It’s advisable to buy shoes at the end of the day. It’s because your feet will be at their largest. Thus, a pair of sport shoes bought at the end of the day will be able to fit your feet when they are small or large.

6. Give it a Try

When it comes to athletic shoes, don’t always leave to chance that the shoe will adjust to your feet. Before purchasing a pair or two, try them out at the store. Try running or walking while wearing the shoes at the store. Make sure they are comfortable.

It’s always best for the shoe to have a space of ½ inch in between the end of the toe and your big toe. It should also not be tight and the heel shouldn’t move or slip out when walking or running. Plus, you should be able to freely move your toes when wearing your athletic shoes.

7. Look Out for Additional Features

When looking for athletic shoes, you can always consider additional features. Different brands offer a variety of features. There are sport shoes that provide shock absorption, extra cushioning, and others filled with gel amongst other features.


The above are tips to help you identify and choose the best athletic shoes. Look for a high-quality shoe, then check the price. However, don’t prioritize the cost over the quality of a sports shoe. You should also know when to replace them.   

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